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Assassin's Retirement: Chapter 18, Part Two #amwriting #blogstory #gentleman

Welcome back to Assassin's Retirement! Zane and I have been going back and forth. I want him to be calm and he swears this is calm for him. I'm wondering if we have two different understandings of the word. 'Cause really, this was not what I had in mind. In so many ways, this story has not gone in any direction I thought it would. :)

If you have stumbled onto this blog story and want to start from the beginning, I have added a Table of Contents at the bottom of this page with links to the other chapters in the story.

He wanted to walk away...
Fate wouldn't let him.

Copyright Lexi Ander

Chapter Eighteen, Part Two

Zane's answering smile made Alonzo's knees weak. When Zane pursed his lips and stretched his neck, Alonzo answered the silent request. He was hyperaware of the other scents Zane now carried. Before he could pull away, Zane cupped the back of his head and opened his mouth, deepening the kiss. There he found Xander and Anson's flavor. If this was the type of morning greeting Zane gave out, Crimson Comet would have to line up behind Alonzo.

When Zane finally released him, Alonzo grabbed the counter, holding onto it as if it was a life preserver. The stench of burned butter and bread jolted him out of the momentary stupor. As he scrambled to remove the scorched pancakes, he didn't miss Zane's thoroughly smug expression.

"Jesus Christ," Skyld muttered. "This is going to be a circus."

Zane laughed before pointing a finger at the dining table. "If you wanted to eat at my table, you will contribute. The dishes and silverware can be found there. And—" Zane paused dramatically. "Everyone wash their hands. I don't know if smelling like sex is an Other's thing or if its an invitation or if it's a flag saying, 'guess what you missed last night'. I don't care about the why, just don't bring it to my breakfast table."

Raine barked out a laugh and he rose to his feet. Xander and Anson followed him down the hall to the guest bathroom. Cord, Prince and Midnight set the table and rummaged through the refrigerator for milk, juice, and condiments. Zane stepped up to the kitchen sink and turned on the water, thrusting his hands under the spray. Alonzo plated the edible pancakes and Midnight put the scrambled eggs and bacon on a platter. The hashbrown casserole was pulled from the oven and set in the middle of the table.

Alonzo kept glancing at Zane, hyperaware of his every movement, every nuance. It was that state of alertness that allowed Alonzo to catch Zane freezing when he turned off the faucet. He as staring out through the window over the sink. Zane's expression remained blank but Alonzo could practically hear alarm bells ringing. The view would be of the patio. Beyond that, the expanse between Zane's home and the cabin Alonzo rented.

Without looking away from the window, Zane pressed his fingers against a vertical strip of molding between the sink and cabinets. The slat popped out and angled down revealing two hand guns held in custom racks. Alonzo turned off the griddle.  He was peripherally aware that Skyld's body language had changed as well. He too watched Zane closely. Alonzo pulled his sweater over his head, followed by the long-sleeved t-shirt. He toed off the tennis shoes and unbuttoned his jeans. He hadn't changed his size this much in years. Now that he had someone to protect, he needed to invest in a disposable wardrobe.

"Zane?" There was confusion in Cord's voice as he watched Alonzo strip.

Zane removed the guns from their hiding place. Calmly, as if he was talking about the weather, Zane said, "Cord, you and your guys get on the ground and take cover. This will be ugly." He popped out the molding on the other side of the sink. "Skyld," was all he said as he headed to the kitchen's back door.

Alonzo spared a glance for Skyld and his blood ran cold. Whereas Zane seemed bored… Skyld's expression was devoid of all emotion, his eyes promising death as he pulled the weapons Zane had offered.

"Do as he says!" Skyld barked when Cord seemed unable to move.

Alonzo dismissed everyone but Zane from his thoughts. Zane threw open the door, his eyes narrowing. "Elle, what a surprise." Then he raised both hands and fired his guns, walking boldly forward.

Alonzo hurried to follow. Behind him, Sklyd cursed in what sounded like Danish. He didn't have time to worry why as he readied to shield Zane if necessary. When he stepped through the door and onto the cold, snow covered stones of the patio, the sight that met his eyes wasn't something he'd seen in several years. In the area between the house and cabin, a half dozen winged Valkyrie were spread out. They took the formation when they didn't expect to be attacked, and it seemed they were momentarily taken off guard by Zane's actions.

Alonzo had met quite a few of these particular women warriors while working for the organization, I.O.N. Usually, they only escorted high-profile people. What they were doing here was anyone's guess. But the situation begged another question. Only Others or the dead could see Valkyrie, and Zane was doing his best to plug one of them full of holes. The figure in the middle seemed to be the target of Zane's rage… or perhaps it was the person shielded by the enormous white, metallic wings that Zane wanted to eliminate. The sharp pings told Alonzo the bullets were being deflected and he prayed he wouldn't get hit by a ricocheted. Snapping out of a stupor, two Valkyrie rushed to assist their sister in shielding their charge. The other three took to the air.

Alonzo inhaled and held his breath. His jeans grew too tight and he grunted with the sudden pain of the constriction until the material split. More quickly than last night, Alonzo took on height and bulk since the threat to Zane was imminent. His body hair quickly lengthened, protecting him from the bitter cold. While he grew, the Valkyrie made a concentrated attack, diving for Zane. Alonzo had seen the maneuver before and at the right moment he jumped and grabbed the end of a Valkyrie's wing and threw her into her companions.

Zane's guns clicked, signaling his weapons were empty, but the sound of gun fire continued as Skyld stepped past Alonzo, weapons blazing as if they were at a wild west showdown. Alonzo had his hands full, not daring to release the wing he held until he was sure the Valkyrie was unconscious. He swung her, turning a circle and slammed her into the patio stones. One… Two… Three times. When she twitched, he swung one last time flinging her as hard as he could toward the tree line.

One Valkyrie flew after her sister, holding her arm to her chest and her ankle twisted at an odd angle. The third Valkyrie snarled at Alonzo, drawing a gleaming short sword. He searched for a weapon, noticing Zane knelt in the snow, the hem of his pantleg rucked up to reveal a holster around his ankle. Alonzo's gaze fell on the neat stack of fire wood and he snatched two logs from it. The pieces were a good ten inches around but looked like short batons in his massive fists. Instead of blocking a blow from the sword, knowing their weapons were enchanted to slice through almost anything with little to no effort, Alonzo chucked the first piece at her, followed closely by the second that clipped her temple, only making her angrier.

Skyld backed into Alonzo, pointing at the hovering Valkyrie. "Give me a lift and I'll take care of her. You help Zane." Skyld had a pair of bronze colored bracers that completely covered his forearms from elbow to wrist. He hadn't been wearing a moment ago and Alonzo didn't have time to wonder where they came from.

A panicked voice came from the open kitchen door. "Oh, shit! Mom?"

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