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Assassin's Retirement Chapter 15, Part 2 #gentleman #amwriting #blogstory

Welcome back to Assassin's Retirement. 

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He wanted to walk away...

Fate wouldn't let him.

Copyright Lexi Ander

"Doesn't the very definition of non-human mean dragons are also other?"

"Yes," replied Prince. He brushed his long, blond hair over his shoulder. "But when a dragon breeds with someone who is not dragon or human, the offspring are different. It takes longer for them to achieve their dragon form and when they do transform, many go insane, to put is easily. Their dragon half is dominate. Without learning how to shield and find the balance between the two parts, they lose themselves to the infamous dragon rage, becoming literal monsters. People die, and humans come close to finding out others exist."

Zane hadn't seen or heard anything about the lead singer of Crimson Comet losing his temper or destroying things.

"I won't reach my transition for another couple of weeks," Cord said as if he'd read Zane's thoughts.

"If your dragon-self is still dormant, then why is someone trying to kill you?"

"For the last couple of decades, this particular scion has been killing all the Grendels before they mature."

Zane barely refrained from scowling. "So, someone is killing people—Grendels—before it can be determined if they are going to lose themselves to madness?" He despised people who killed innocents. Fucking cowards.

Everyone nodded.

He turned back to Cord. "Do you think you'll go crazy?"

"No, I don't, but we won't know for sure until the dragon in me awakens. Being the son of a Valkyrie means I have strong mental shields. She taught me from a young age how to build the walls in my mind. Valkyries usually have female children who are born with natural immunities the male children don't have. She taught me quickly how to protect my mind so I wouldn't be enthralled by Gods or harassed by shades." Zane sensed there was a story behind his explanation but now wasn't the time to pry.

"Have you talked to the shooter—this scion—and explained or do they even care?" Zane rubbed his tired, gritty eyes.

"Whoever they are, they refuse to communicate, even with the oracles," Prince replied. "Believe me, I have tried everything I know to keep the scion from hunting Cord."

"Are we in anymore danger tonight?" Zane mentally ticked off his defenses. He knew he should have built that escape tunnel.

"We weren't followed," Xander replied. "I am concerned about el Chupacabra. They would know how to get back here. It helps that our scent wasn't here when they regained consciousness. They shouldn't have any reason to bring its master here."

"Only one el Chupacabra escaped," Alonzo rumbled. "The second is here, restrained. The third was truly dead."

When Zane glanced at Prince, seeing no guilt for chopping a being's head off. Interesting.

"I used to work for an organization that handles feral or rogue others," Alonzo continued. "I can call them tonight and have a retrieval team come and pick-up Duvan and they'll search for the other one. Perhaps they can help with this situation as well."

He craned his neck and looked up to Alonzo. "Do you trust them?"

Alonzo paused. "There are people in the organization who I trust. They were the ones who I'd call."

Zane hesitated. He wanted to handle the situation himself, but it would be nice if the el Chupacabra were taken off his hands. And perhaps the expertise of someone familiar with others would also help. One could never have too much information.

"Call them," he finally answered. Alonzo stepped away, pulling a cellphone from his pocket as he walked into the kitchen.

He rose to his feet. "Since there is nothing more that can be done tonight, I'll show you to your rooms. I'll have more questions by breakfast, so be prepared to answer them."

The members of Crimsons Comet gained their feet. Scyld scowled at Zane but didn't stop Zane when he moved to the hallway. Past the half bath, the hall split to the right, forming a separate L-shaped corridor where three bedrooms could be found. Zane left Cord and his group to pair off and went back to the main hallway. Instead of heading back to the living room, he went further into the house. The next door he passed was the bathroom where Alonzo cleaned up Duvan. The following doorway was the bedroom where Duvan slept. Perhaps they should wake him and make him drink more tea?

Movement at the end of the hallway caught his attention. Alonzo carried a pitcher of tea and Scyld followed close behind. The light from the living room and kitchen had been dimmed.

Without saying anything, Alonzo brushed by Zane, entering Duvan's room. He checked the restraints before pouring more tea in the glass on the bedside table.

Scyld stopped and watched for a moment, then said, "Is there somewhere private we can talk?"

"Sure." Zane moved to the next closed door and entered the music room. When he closed the door behind them, Scyld swept him into a fierce hug. "Damn, kid, of all the situations to get yourself into."

After his initial surprise, Zane clutch him back. Scyld wasn't usually so demonstrative but he wasn't going to balk. He clutched his oldest friend—his only friend—to him. Zane gave a rough laugh. "They came looking for me." Quickly, he sobered. "Someone knows who I am, gave the band my information."

He made himself release Scyld, noticing for the first time his friend hadn't aged since Zane last saw him.

Scyld didn't let Zane pull completely away, gripping the nape of Zane's neck. "We'll take care of this together."

Zane nodded, swallowing thickly as he held Scyld's steely gaze.

Table of Contents
Chapter Six, Part 1 - Harbinger of a Nightmare
Chapter Seven, Part 1 - Stolen Answers


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