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Assassin's Retirement Chapter 15, Part 1 #gentleman #amwriting #blogstory

Welcome back to Assassin's Retirement. 

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He wanted to walk away...

Fate wouldn't let him.

Copyright Lexi Ander

Chapter Fifteen – To kill, or not to kill

"Nice kick by the way," Scyld tipped his blond head to Alonzo.

Zane relaxed back into his chair. Alonzo put his hand on Zane's shoulder again and this time, Zane reached up and covered it with his own. "And afterward?" he prodded. He struggled not to reveal the depth of his relief at Scyld's arrival.

"Just making sure they weren't attempting to trap you." Scyld scowled at the band members.

"You don't seem surprised by Alonzo's transformation," Prince commented from his perch, scrutinizing Scyld just as hard as Scyld inspected the group.

"No, I'm not. I had hoped Zane wouldn't run afoul of others. This is not a world I would willingly embroil him in." Scyld's words were reproving, as if he scolded teenagers for making rash decisions. That was something Zane remembered well from his years with his mentor. He wanted to smile at the familiarity but dared not to. Scyld turned his attention back to Zane. "Are you going to shoot them or hear them out?"

Zane wanted to be done with this conversation already, but Alonzo squeezed his shoulder, reminding him that he really did need to resolve a couple of issues before he dragged Scyld away to talk.

He pinned the group with his gaze, squinting at them, daring them to prolong their explanation. "That's up to them. What will it be, Cord?"

Cord scooted to the edge of his seat, swiveling to face Zane. His elbows rested on his knees, the thick silver rings on his fingers glinting in the firelight. "We—I—froze at the house, when you asked what was going on. It's second nature for those like us to keep secrets from humans." Cord nervously wrapped his fingers around his beard and pulled. "Elle vouched for you, but…" He shook his head as if he was having an internal argument. "I'm sorry we didn't try to talk to you. If you turn us away, we'll go." He glanced up at Zane, his eyes filled with defeat. "If you kill me, then perhaps it would be for the best."

The members of Crimson Comet erupted in chorus of shocked denials. Zane ignored them, keeping his attention on Cord who slid off the couch, walking on his knees the short distance to Zane, Cord stopped short of touching.

"They won't reveal who you are to anyone. I promise. Just don't kill them. They are only trying to protect me. I've been running from the scion for so long." Cord's shoulders sagged as if he bore a great weight. "I'm tired, Zane. Can you understand that?"

And he could. Zane knew the weariness that came with constantly being on guard. Of never being able to relax. "Why are you running?" he asked.

"No, Cord!" Anson broke from the group and grabbed Cord by the shoulders. When Cord didn't budge, Anson fell on his knees next to Cord and wrapped his arms around Cord's shoulders. "We can go somewhere else. There have to be others who can help. Someone who knows more about us."

Zane's heart clenched at Anson's beseeching tone, at how he clutched Cord as if he was terrified of losing Cord. Zane almost reached out to comfort Anson.

Cord ran a hand over Anson's short dark curls, clasping the back of Anson's skull. "It's time we stop running. It's not fare to any of you."

Zane reached out and grasped Cord's chin, wrapping his fingers around the short beard, tugging gently. "Tell me."

"I am a Grendel."

The arguing suddenly stopped, and the only sound was the crackle of the burning logs. Zane cocked his head, memories of his father pushing to the surface. Surely Cord didn't mean what Zane thought.

"Explain," he urged, keeping his voice light. "What is a Grendel."

Cord swallowed audibly. "I am half dragon."

Zane couldn't help himself, he grinned. He could feel Scyld glare at him for showing emotion, but he didn't care because… dragon.

The corners of Cord's mouth lifted slightly before he pressed his lips flat. "Dragons are not the benevolent misunderstood creatures that have been in some movies. They are hot tempered, selfish, egotistical… volatile."

"So, they are dangerous. But you are half-human—"

Anson shook his head. Cord tightened his arm around Anson. "No, I am half… other. My mother is a Valkyrie. If she had been human, my father would have taken me from her. He would have taught me how to control my dragon half. But dragons feel the others, the beings who are not human, have tainted blood that warps the dragon side.

Zane released his hold on Cord's chin, motioning for them to return to the couch. The others retook their seats, their gazes intent on Zane.

Table of Contents
Chapter Six, Part 1 - Harbinger of a Nightmare
Chapter Seven, Part 1 - Stolen Answers


  1. It's just so GOOD! Scyld is my favorite so far, the cranky father figures always have a soft spot for me. Makes me think of an old coworker of mine. He was a 74 year old German who would look at someone for the first time ever and say "I don't like you' spit on the ground and then cuss them out in german while walking away. Fun times lol

    1. <3 I worked with someone like that once! He was close to retirement and swore he would never quit and they would have to bury him on company property. My first day on the job he took one look at me and said, "You won't last long." Then, every single time he saw me he would say, "You're still here? Haven't you quit yet?" and everybody would laugh. Then one day a couple of weeks later, I sat down next to him on the patio with all of his friends and before he could remark, I said, "You're still here?" He turned red, his friends couldn't stop laughing and we became friend. Needless to say, I have a fondness for the grouches.