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Assassin's Retirement Chapter 14 #gentleman #amwriting #blogstory

Welcome back to Assassin's Retirement. 

I've been titling the chapters but one for Chapter Fourteen continues to elude me. :)

If you have stumbled onto this blog story and want to start from the beginning, I have added a Table of Contents at the bottom of this page with links to the other chapters in the story.

He wanted to walk away...

Fate wouldn't let him.

Copyright Lexi Ander

Chapter Fourteen

Cord closed the front door behind him, taking in the layout of the front room. The concept was semi-open. Overhead, exposed beams drew the eye to the vaulted ceiling. The same dark wood was on the floor. To his left was a dinning space. Strangely, a long, rustic table was pushed against the front window as if Zane sat eating his meals watching the road to his home. The space was separated from what he little could see of the kitchen by a tall bar with additional seating. A hallway leading further into the house bisected the room in two. On his right, the focal point was a massive fireplace, where Zane kindled a fire. There was a seating arrangement facing the front windows, looking down the mountainside, and another with three sofas and a couple of chairs around the fireplace.

The Maricoxi stood in the mouth of the dark hall, dismissing Cord and his group to stare adoringly at Zane. Cord glared at the Maricoxi—what did Zane call him? Alonzo. He hated how familiar Alonzo was with Zane. Before they had followed Zane into the house, Midnight had quickly explained this Maricoxi seemed to be protecting either Zane or the land or both. He cautioned they tread lightly, but despite Midnight's warning, Cord had to tamp down on the desire to…

He deflated.

To do nothing. Alonzo had proven that if Cord wanted to fight him, Alonzo would squash him. He didn't know what he was thinking. Before Zane arrived on their doorstep looking uncertain, Cord had already decided Zane would be theirs. Raine and Midnight had argued against his intension, saying their family didn't need more members, but Cord was his mother's son. The only difference between him and her were the heroes she collected lay on death's door and his walked among the living.

Zane approached Alonzo and Cord took in everything about the two. The possessive air surrounding Zane the moment he looked up at Alonzo had almost been palpable. Zane's expression of worry morphed into one of determination as he rose to his feet and crossed to Alonzo. The reverent way Alonzo regarded Zane irked Cord, but he didn't stay that way long when Alonzo whispered, "What do you need, mi corazon?" If Zane said anything before he rested his forehead on Alonzo, Cord didn't hear it.

Cord frowned. How well did these two know each other? Were they familiar enough to give Alonzo the right to use a term of endearment? My heart, Alonzo had said. Midnight was from Columbia and used the same endearment for those in their family circle.

As if reading Cord's mind, Midnight shifted closer to Cord, looping his arm around Cord's waist. "This isn't a bad thing," he whispered.

He wanted to argue, demand Midnight explain how Zane being attached to Alonzo wasn't a 'bad thing'.

"You need more clothing." Alonzo crooned. Crooned! Cord barely refrained from rolling his eyes.

Setting the clothing he carried on the back of the nearest chair, Alonzo helped Zane out of the quilted jacket. When Zane's lean back was exposed, Cord had to look away as want stirred in his belly. But he couldn't help himself and glanced back, drinking in the sight. Zane was slightly muscular, more ropey than gym defined. When Zane twisted, Cord caught a glimpse of a dark treasure tail leading into the waistband of his jeans. He was stupidly jealous of how Alonzo rubbed Zane's arms as if they were cold. When Zane's pale skin was tinged pink, Alonzo grabbed the sweater from the back of the chair and helped Zane put it on. The actions were… intimate.

Elle said Zane wasn't attached, that he was single. She also said he knew nothing about paranormals, about the others. How could she be wrong on both accounts?

Xander whimpered softly when Zane pressed his forehead against Alonzo's collarbone. Prince was quick to give comfort. Their Turkish wolf had two switches: he either didn't care or he got attached—quickly. Xander had taken to Zane upon first sight.

Raine snorted rudely, and Cord held his breath, praying Raine would keep his comments to himself. With a bored expression Raine used to hide his true emotions, he broke away from the group and sat on the rustic couch facing the fireplace. Then he spread his arms across the back and splayed his legs in a lazy sprawl that took up as much space as possible. It was almost—almost—comical, as if Raine was saying, "Look at me, I'm right here."

Cord was slightly surprised because Raine had been pushing back, not wanting the group to get involved with Zane past the help he could provide. But now that it appeared Zane could be taken away, Raine wanted him. Cord refrained from smacking Raine on the back of the head.

By the deep lines in Anson's brow and his closed body language, Anson didn't like how comfortable Zane and Alonzo were with each other either.

Alonzo whispered in Zane's ear, too quietly for Cord's excellent hearing. He glanced to the others and only Xander seemed to be listening intently. When he returned his attention to Zane, he was surprised to see Alonzo pass Zane the el Chupacabra bone darts and… a note? When Zane unfolded the paper and read the contents, his expression went completely blank. Cord could read nothing from Zane. What was on the paper?

With deepening realization, Cord looked to Prince. Hadn't Prince placed the bone darts on dining table along with the note from the shooter? How—why did Alonzo have it? Alarmingly, someone had infiltrated their home, and no one knew? Prince glanced away from Cord, his expression one of guilt before he donned the haughty, royal mask he'd never been able to shed over the centuries. Good God, had Prince baited Zane? Upon noticing Cord's expression, Xander pulled Prince closer, his stance turning protective. What had the two of them done?

Table of Contents
Chapter Six, Part 1 - Harbinger of a Nightmare
Chapter Seven, Part 1 - Stolen Answers
Chapter Nine, Part 1 - Dead is supposed to be... dead
Chapter Nine, Part 2 -
Chapter Ten, Part 1 - Gathering Allies
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