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Assassin's Retirement Chapter Thirteen #gentleman #amwriting #blogstory

Welcome back to Assassin's Retirement. Zane has some choices to make this chapter.

If you have stumbled onto this blog story and want to start from the beginning, I have added a Table of Contents at the bottom of this page with links to the other chapters in the story.

He wanted to walk away...

Fate wouldn't let him.

Copyright Lexi Ander

Chapter Thirteen - Choices

Zane had never seen anything like Alonzo. He should be shaking in his boots, terrified out of his mind. Alonzo continued to grow, becoming taller and wider. He punted a two-ton car as if it weighed nothing. But Zane wasn't afraid. Awed? Yes. A bit turned on? Embarrassing, but yes. Okay, more than a bit, especially after Alonzo promised to murder Crimson Comet. The attraction wasn't the fact Alonzo promised violence, but that Alonzo was protecting him. No one had stood between him and danger since his father had died. Zane found Alonzo's protectiveness attractive as hell.

The group scattered like a flock of birds upon hearing Alonzo's threat. Zane considered his options as he watched the band members dodge Alonzo, defending themselves but making no move to injure him. Then Anson proceeded to work his way around to Alonzo's back. Zane stepped from the shadows of the garage, his gun leveled at the back of Anson's head.

"If you so much as touch him, Anson, I will plug your skull full of holes," Zane called, unsure if he would be heard over Alonzo's bellows.

Anson froze and Alonzo spun, grabbing Anson by the coat, flinging him into Prince, Raine, and Cord. Without a backward glance, as if saying the men were no real threat, Alonzo crossed to Zane. He was huge! Only as a child had Zane imagined seeing someone so large. And all that thick, black hair… He wondered if Alonzo would allow him to stretch out on top of him when he was in this… this… form?

Zane stood straight and dropped his gun to his side, neck craning at an awkward angle to look Alonzo in the face. Damn! He was glorious! Alonzo held out his hand and without hesitation, Zane placed his on top. The size difference between the two was mindboggling. Slowly, Alonzo petted Zane then placed Zane's hand on his hairy forearm. Zane held his breath as he ran his fingers through the luxurious thick pelt. Alonzo slowly began to shrink, becoming his normal height and weight.

When Zane met Alonzo's dark brown eyes, something moved in him that he'd never felt before. He couldn't say what it was only that he had this strong desire to… he wasn't sure what. Goosebumps erupted over Alonzo's skin. "It's too cold out here for you," he chided.

"What about the idiots? I can get rid of them." Alonzo sent a distrustful glance over his shoulder.

He bit back an absurdly grin. He would keep Alonzo's offer in mind. "Before I decide anything, I need information." If he had to kill them along with Elle, perhaps it wouldn't be beyond the realm of possibility to ask Alonzo to come with him. He had this almost absurd idea Alonzo wouldn't blink at Zane's former occupation. Though he would have to ask about the clan Midnight had mentioned. If there were people depending on him, Zane could not in good conscience take Alonzo away from them.

"Where do you want them?" Alonzo shivered slightly.

He frowned and pushed Alonzo toward the front door. "I'll take care of it. Get in the house. There are some sweats in my bedroom closet."

Alonzo gave a meaningful glance at Zane's own bare chest. He'd grabbed a quilted jean jacket off the peg in the mudroom but hadn't stopped to button up.

"I hear you. I'll be right behind you." He couldn't help but smile at Alonzo's concern. A small voice warned him to be careful. His attraction to Alonzo could skew his judgement. But he pushed it aside, unwilling to listen.

Alonzo gave one more scathing glance at the band before tromping back into the house. Zane watched Alonzo's amazing ass flex as he walked away. He had the absurd desire to claim that delectable butt and everything about Alonzo as his. Careful, his inner voice whispered louder than before. He dragged his gaze away. One problem at a time.

Crimsons Comet had gathered close to each other and they regarded Zane as if they hadn't seen him before. Why didn't he simply kill them? He was following his instincts, but if he was honest with himself, burying them on the mountainside would be much easier. A small part of him pricked with sadness at the thought.

"Do not enter my home if you mean me or Alonzo harm." He made his voice hard, expression schooled into an impassive mask. "If you don't come in, I'll give you a thirty-minute start before I track you down and kill you. Your choice. You have two minutes to decide."

Zane turned and headed to the house. He couldn't believe he'd made that ridiculous ultimatum. He had to be high. Anyone of them could be a killer like him. They could come to him in the guise of friendship. They could… but Zane had this insistent niggling sense that screamed they wouldn't. They wanted, no, needed something from him. Yes, that was it. His help and his skills. That didn't mean he wouldn't kill them anyway, especially if their answers didn't satisfy him.

The front room had cooled with the door standing open for so long. Zane went to the massive fireplace and lit the kindling already arranged within, feeding a few logs onto the growing fire as he listened for footsteps. Something eased in him at the sound of boots crunching through snow, stomping on the front porch before entering the house.

He scowled, poking a mental stick at his sense of relief. He shouldn't feel anything. Zane had set aside the emotions he harbored for Crimson Comet the moment they shut him out. Before then, he'd been drawn to all six of them if different ways, and admittedly, he'd been slightly overwhelmed by said attraction. He had easily imagined having sex with all of them, even hostile Raine, alone and together. But his hopes had been crushed by their silence.

Instead of leaving their place and heading straight home, Zane foolishly grabbed the three carcasses, then snuck back inside the steal the note left by the shooter—which he hadn't read yet—and what looked like bone darts. He wasn't interested in these things because of he was attracted to Crimson Comet… well, mostly. He didn't know them. You barely know Alonzo, his inner voice reminded him.

Zane shook his head. No, he was interested because there was an assassin in his territory and he wanted to know who it was. The person needed to be disappear—permanently. That was his sole interest in the band members now. Keep talking.

He rubbed a hand over his face. It had already been a long night and he had a feeling it would only get longer. Behind him the door closed but he didn't turn. He was suddenly tired and really wanted to put everything off until tomorrow. He worried he wasn't in his right mind.

A noise from the hallway drew his attention. Alonzo stood there glaring at the room until his gaze fell on Zane. Then it transformed into a picture of relief and joy. He wore one of Zane's old, nearly threadbare t-shirts, a favorite of his that he'd picked up on a trip to Egypt. Instead of sweats, he wore a pair of flannels Zane slept in. Good God, the fit left nothing to the imagination. It was almost as if Alonzo was putting himself on display or making a declaration.

Frowning, Zane glanced behind him. The members of Crimson Comet openly stared at Alonzo, undisguised lust on more than a few faces… which was just odd. Alonzo had tried to hurt them, and they ogled him with open admiration. Who did that? An odd urge flashed through Zane. Not an emotion like jealousy or possessiveness, but more of a desire to prove he came first. Before he could even question his motivation, Zane rose, the heat of the fire suddenly stifling. He fought the ridiculous urge to… what? He wasn't sure. His emotions were confusing him. He knew he was behaving strangely, that his reactions were unnatural. He hadn't been given a moment to reflect on how his perception of the world had changed, strangely those changes didn't even alarm him. He had to wonder if he'd been bewitched… bespelled… that was a thing, wasn't it? There had to be something to explain his lack of concern or shock over the events of the evening. He suddenly felt adrift and he didn't like the sensation one bit.

Table of Contents
Chapter Six, Part 1 - Harbinger of a Nightmare
Chapter Seven, Part 1 - Stolen Answers

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