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Assassin's Retirement Chapter 11 #gentleman #amwriting #blogstory NSFW

Welcome back to Assassin's Retirement. Now that I made the announcement about the I.O.N. world this past Saturday (see blog post here), I can say that Assassin's Retirement takes place in the world of I.O.N. It's not an part of the I.O.N. series, just a story that set in the same the same world, exploring a different aspect of it. 

If you have stumbled onto this blog story and want to start from the beginning, I have added a Table of Contents at the bottom of this page with links to the other chapters in the story.

He wanted to walk away...
Fate wouldn't let him.

Copyright Lexi Ander

Chapter Eleven – Combustible

Zane couldn't believe he bumbled so spectacularly with Alonzo. Would he like Alonzo traipsing around his home mostly nude? That was a, hell yes! Was it the appropriate time to get involved with someone? No, but his mouth hadn't cared. That there was an el Chupacabra tied up in his guest bedroom, he'd chased an assassin, his dinner companions were shifty and obviously wanted something from him were all things he needed to handle, not ignoring even for sex. He couldn't forget the band held secrets, making Zane wonder if they were something other, something like the el Chupacabra… not human. Alonzo confessed he was Maricoxi as if what he was separated from humans. And, oh yes, the most serious issue of the night, because it impacted Zane personally, his nice agent, Ella Shuler, knew who he used to be, and she had revealed it to others.

The chubby Zane had been sporting since Alonzo stepped in the shower suddenly went away. No, trying to feel out if Alonzo was interested in him had no place among his current affairs. He should be planning how to kill Ella and discover who she told about him… and killing them as well. Although, planning to murder innocents didn't sit well with him. The other option would be to find out where she got her information, destroy it, bury her, and then vanish… again.

Zane looked around his too large cabin, the place he not only called home but felt like home and realized he loathed to give up what he had built. He should have never gotten attached. Hadn't he known this solace couldn't last?

Alonzo walked into the kitchen carrying his shirt. Another pang went through Zane as he realized what else he'd have to leave behind. He wasn't naive. Alonzo was showing off for him, putting his work-hardened form on display. Zane would have loved to run his hands over Alonzo's hairy body. The times he'd watched Alonzo from afar this past week, he'd been completely covered. When Alonzo had undressed to wash el Chupacabra, revealing the thick pelt of hair that covered most of his body, Zane's mouth had watered. Was it as soft as it looked? Alonzo's forearms sported dense hair, but it turned sparse further up his biceps. His chest and belly… Zane bit back a groan as he took in every square inch of exposed skin. His fingertips tinged to trace the darkest area over Alonzo's pecs, down the center of his abdomen where it disappeared under the pants. Dear God in Heaven.

Placing the shirt onto the island, Alonzo prowled… yes, that was the word, prowled like some kind of jungle predator, across the floor and didn't stop until Zane had backed into the counter.

"You keep looking at me with that invitation in your eyes and I will think you want me to put my hands on you." Alonzo's voice was soft, his accent so thick it was as if he was purring each word.

"That would be… would be…" Zane couldn't believe he was even thinking of saying yes. But with every step Alonzo had taken toward him, his reasons to keep his distance slipped away. He suddenly couldn't remember why sex was a bad idea. "Just touch me already!" he snapped, and it was like he'd loosed the only tether restraining a wild animal.

Alonzo descended with a swift surety but Zane didn't cower from the hungry look in Alonzo's gaze. He reached out and grabbed Alonzo's waist. Alonzo's mouth covered his, the kiss searing and deep. Zane returned the fervor with his own, squirming when Alonzo's hands gripped his ass and lifted him, plopping him down on the countertop. Alonzo was taller than Zane but sitting on the counter should have made Zane's height superior. Instead of looking down at Alonzo, inexplicably Zane was eye to eye with him. It shouldn't have been possible. Alonzo wasn't that tall, was he? Zane shoved the curiosity away and wrapped his arms around Alonzo's neck as if grabbing a lifeline. He attacked Alonzo's mouth, licking and tasting and… just fucking needing. Needing everything right now. Not in a slow torturous hour. Not tomorrow when the crazy shit had settled down. Now, right that second. It was as if Alonzo could read him, knew what Zane desperately needed and was ready to give Zane everything without question.

Zane's shirt flipped up, causing him to lean back so Alonzo could pull it off. He growled against Alonzo's ear as his skin came in contact with Alonzo's. The stinging bite Alonzo gave Zane's neck in return made him shudder, eyes rolling up. "Do that again," he groaned.

Alonzo bit him harder, deeper and then sucked. Zane writhed, panting. A high whine that he'd never made before escaped his lips. Alonzo was making noises as well, as if a monster lurked under Alonzo's skin, giving voice to a primal pleasure that couldn't be contained. All of it made Zane so hard he didn't care where they were or what had already happened that day. He only wanted to get his hands on Alonzo and bask in their mutual pleasure.

His fingers scrabbled with Alonzo's rodeo buckle, finally freeing his belt, tearing open the fly. Zane delved his hand down in to Alonzo's jeans. Oh, God, no underwear—then he curled his fingers around Alonzo's heavy girth. Hot damn.

"Yes," Alonzo's guttural plea urged Zane on before Alonzo clamped his mouth over Zane's again.

Fingers tore at his own jeans but before he could let go of Alonzo in order to take the pants off himself, he was lifted and the jeans pushed to his knees. Zane hated how the material kept him from pressing flush with Alonzo. He wore lace-up hiking boots that were impossible to simple kick off. Snarling, he didn't have the presence of mind or patience to remove them properly.

Alonzo's staying hand kept Zane from hopping off the counter. Reaching down, Alonzo hooked his fingers behind the laces and yanked… the shoestrings snapped as if they were lengths of spaghetti. That shoe was removed and the jeans yanked off the one leg, allowing Alonzo to step back in between Zane's thighs.

Looking wild and smelling like a fertile jungle, Alonzo trembled slightly as he ran his hands over Zane's skin. Zane swept an admiring gaze down Alonzo's frame. Dear God, Alonzo was gorgeously covered in hair. The thatch at the root of Alonzo's cock begged for Zane's touch. When he pushed Alonzo's jeans further down his legs, Alonzo helped, hurriedly pushing them to his knees. Zane wrapped his legs around Alonzo, drawing him back. He gave into what he wanted, sliding his hand down Alonzo's girth to run his fingers through the thick, dark hair. He wrapped his other hand around Alonzo's nape and pulled him in for more delectable kisses.

Warm callous fingers wrapped around Zane's cock, making him moan into Alonzo's mouth. He lost all track of time as they explored each other. Zane didn't want to stop. He'd never experienced so much pleasure at the hands of another before. All his sexual experiences were with groping in dark corners or quick couplings at someone's home. The encounters were always just enough to take the edge off. He could never indulge himself fully, claim a lover of his own. His life had been too dangerous. He couldn’t allow someone to become his weakness. Now he had something else—someone—he didn't want to leave behind if he had to disappear.

Anger burbled just under the surface of his skin, but just as suddenly it evaporated when Alonzo gripped both of their cocks, bringing them together in his big, capable hand. Alonzo pumped, finding a rhythm that had Zane panting on the edge of orgasm. Alonzo bit Zane on the meaty part of his shoulder. Zane yelped, coming so hard he was sure he bruised Alonzo's arms where Zane gripped him. Alonzo's whole body tensed and he bellowed against Zane's shoulder, warm come coating Zane's stomach. He panted, smiling to hear how Alonzo's heavy breathing matched his own.

"Would you think badly of me if I said let's do that again?" Zane teased, yet hopeful Alonzo felt this connection and wanted more, too.

Alonzo pulled him close, the burn from his stubble stinging Zane's cheeks. "Yes. Any time, any place. I am yours."

That sounded like something more than a desire for more sex. But before Zane could inquire, Alonzo lifted his head and looked in the direction of the road leading to the cabin. Zane's parameter alarm sounded, the beeping mimicked the noise of an alarm clock. The TV screen on the kitchen counter flickered on and the camera for the drive showed a dark colored SUV making its way toward the house.

Alonzo's gaze narrowed, the promise of violence reflected in his eyes as he pulled away from Zane, but not before he planted a possessive kiss on Zane's mouth. Stepping back, Alonzo removed his jeans completely before he turned, striding to the front door totally nude. With every step, he seemed to grow. Taller. Wider. Zane watched in utter amazement until Alonzo opened the front door and stepped into the cold night air.

Cussing at himself, Zane grabbed some paper towels and hurriedly wiped away the cooling come. He hopped-walked out of the kitchen, pulling his pants back on the one leg and slipping his foot in the mangled hiking boot. How was he going to explain the giant on his front porch? He reached under the couch table and detached the fully loaded sig. Answer: he didn't have to explain shit. He'd just shoot everyone who laid eyes on his giant.

Table of Contents

Chapter Six, Part 1 - Harbinger of a Nightmare
Chapter Seven, Part 1 - Stolen Answers
Chapter Eight, Part 1 - No such thing as heroes 
Chapter Nine, Part 1 - Dead is supposed to be... dead
Chapter Ten, Part 1 - Gathering Allies

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