The Valespian Pact Series Reviews

--3.5 Stars for Alpha Trine, "All things considered, this should have been a simple story, but then it turns into an action packed alien-space adventure that was very hard to put down."
--5 Stars for Striker, "It is a well written epic space adventure which action sequences were fast paced, highly visual and so full of suspense it was impossible to put down."
from Multitaskingmommas Book Reviews

Striker (Valespian Pact #2)

"If you’ve not read a Lexi Ander book, you have not been treated to the visual storytelling from this master. So let me assure you that you are missing out. Ander has a way with words that draws me into a story quickly with likable characters, heart pounding plot sequences, and gripping words. Striker has all of the above."
--5 Stars, Crissy, Joyfully Jay Reviews

"The intrigue, suspense and action kept me on the edge of my seat..."
--5 Stars, Prism Book Alliance

"Utterly engrossing, my housework had to wait until I’d read the very last word of the novel."
--4.5 Stars, Kimichan Experience Book Reviews

Alpha Trine (Valespian Pact #1)

If you love science fiction this will be great read for you and even if you’re unsure I would still pick this book up and read it and even if it’s not your go to genre I would still read it, step out of your book box and don’t let this genre keep you away from this gem of a book.

"The world building is brilliantly done and is laced throughout the story, the characters are built up beautifully, and the storyline is intriguing and exciting."
--5 Hearts, MM Good Books Reviews

"...Ms. Anders did a great job at pulling this reader into the complex, interesting worlds that she created. AND she still managed to write a book with characters who not only were unique and well-written, they were also likeable men that I really enjoyed reading..."
--5 Kisses, Top 2 Bottom Reviews

"Original and attention grabbing, this is the start to series I look forward to reading more of."
--4.5 Hearts, Kimichan Experience Book Reviews

"The world building was vast and we are introduced to a myriad of characters and species of aliens, all with colourful descriptions, that brought this book to vivid life. The story itself was well paced and action packed; it was hard to put down."
--5 Stars, Prism Book Alliance

"I recommend this book to everyone who enjoys reading about different universes and especially to those who enjoy a good plot. But more than this, I recommend it to all of those who want something different. The blurb honestly doesn't do justice to this wonderful book. Take a risk and read it and you won't regret it."
--5 Stars, Read The Rainbow
"Alpha Trine is a book of surprises. I am a huge fan of Lexi Ander’s storytelling abilities. She has a way of drawing readers in to her stories and captivating us with her imagination. I’m blown away each time I sit down to read one of her books. This book is no different."
--4.75 of 5 Stars, Joyfully Jay Reviews

"The world building was unbelievably awesome! It showed how hard the author put her energy into creating the world with all the technology and species. It was absolutely a great book to start the series and I can’t wait until the book two to come out."
--5 Stars, World of Diversity Fiction
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Twin Flames (Sumeria's Sons #1)

"This is an amazing initial entry of not only a new series, but a new series by a new author. The very beginning of this story grabs you, keeping a fevered measure of page turning...I found this a unique take on the paranormal story, with obviously more to come. Highly recommended."
--5 of 5 Hearts, Hearts on Fire
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"So some advice to you this book! This book is brilliant and a fantastic beginning to an awesome series which I am going to be glued to for it's uniqueness...Tristan and Ushna are wonderful characters that pull you into the story. The wonderful way their story has been written keeps you reading. The storyline and plot hold your attention until the last page and you cry out 'no keep going, I want more!'"
--5 of 5 Hearts, MM Good Book Reviews
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"I cannot wait for book #2, Songs of the Earth, if it's as good as Twin Flames I will be a very happy reader.  Lexi Ander has written a very, very good book...Highly recommended reading for those who like mystical, mythology, shifter, M/M, paranormal, friends to lovers and some cowboys thrown into the mix. Seriously works like a charm."
--On Top Down Under Book Reviews
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"The storyline is fast paced and full of information. It is engaging and dramatic. Nothing in this story is predictable, save the relationship between Tristan and Ushna...I highly recommend Twin Flames to anyone in need of a new twist on the paranormal genre, and even if you just plain love paranormals I have a feeling you will love this book too."
--4.75 of 5 Stars, Joyfully Reviewed
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"I thoroughly enjoyed every single aspect of this story! If you like legends and old mysteries, if you enjoy tales with more twists and turns than chapters in the book, if you want a very hot and emotionally fulfilling love story on top all of that--go buy this book! I loved reading it and cannot wait for the sequel!"
--Rainbow Book Reviews
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Songs of the Earth (Sumeria's Sons #2)

"This series started as an epic fantasy/paranormal drama, and continues to progress into the arena of inventive, new worlds with their own rules. I thoroughly enjoyed all of this second story! If you like ancient legends brought to life in a modern way, if you enjoy tales with a mix of devious and delightful twists and turns, and if you're ready to suffer and triumph along with the main characters, then by all means, go and buy this book! Again, I cannot wait for the next sequel!"
--Rainbow Book Reviews
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"Songs of the Earth is beautifully crafted. The main character a delight. The secondary characters are equally well developed. The shifter/mythical components are riveting. I cannot speak highly enough of the writing, the story, the way it all came together. This book is absolutely fantastic. In December I will be displaying my favourite books of 2012 and this will be on that list. It was better than Twin Flames (Sumeria's Sons #1), and that was a very good book. If you like shifter, mythical elements, sexy men, some cowboys, some action, intrigue, and wonderful characters that you just cheer for, then it's all here. I highly recommend Songs of the Earth. I am certain you will love it."
--On Top Down Under Book Reviews
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"This story is wonderful, it flows brilliantly and it pulls you in, making you turn the next page wanting more of this incredible leaves you hungering for more, making you wish it was longer. It is filled with descriptions that take you there...makes you envisage that you are standing there as the enemy charges toward you, had your heart pounding along with Tristan's as he fights the urge to make Ushna his in every way and makes your throat tight as Tristan realizes that his life is changed forever.  God damn but I love this unique and refreshing; I really can't wait for the next book.
--5 of 5 Hearts, MM Good Book Reviews
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