The People of Valespia

I'm reclaiming this page for the species list for the The Valespian Pact universe. The weekly reveals for #PactDays will be added here so that the information is all in one place. (This information is subject to change.) Enjoy!

Species: Alpha-zetamite
Planet: Hedisa and Hedisa Gamai (currently)
Other races on the planet: Dar Massaga
Planetary Terrain: Jungles and oceans
Capitol: Chaclea (Hedisa) and Thoricea (Hedisa Gamai)
Country: n/a

Description: The skin is a deep green almost black, marbled with pink veins. Telepathic. When all the Alphas or Zetas come together, they form a very large mass. Born in space, the Alpha-zetamite doesn't have a skeletal structure. They see through their skin. When they are in space, they absorb the nutrients they need through their skin. In order to live in a gravity environment, they need to pair up with another being as a symbiote, sharing nutrients with their host. With the Dar Massaga, they share their telepathy and they are the go-between, helping the Dar Massaga procreate without the need to lay with the opposite sex.

Only two individuals comprise the Alpha-zetamite species, Alpha and Zeta. They were born from the primordial 'waters'. (see Striker, the Qrxzl's Pool of Truth, loosely related.) "Alpha and Zeta had been the first to rise to awareness, back in the beginning when there were no races, no species, no other life to be found. Countless millennia passed, the cosmos grew, galaxies multiplied, he and Zeta drifting down different paths only to eventually end up together again. Drawn by two races, they integrated with them, knitted into a family once again." 

They traveled space together without the aid ships. No one has been able to time speed with which the Alpha-zetamite moves. It is rumored that they can move faster than any current designed star ship. (When the Dar Massaga passes away off planet, the Alpha or Zeta returns to the Dar Massaga home planet much sooner than the body of their host can be transported.)

The Alpha-zetamite is huge, like bigger than an ocean liner huge. More like big as a moon in size. They pair themselves down and that small piece of themselves will bond with a juvenile Dar Massaga. These small, individual Alphas and Zetas have their own personalities, their own likes and dislikes, unique and autonomous. When they return to the main mass, they share their information (hive mind) and experiences.

The Alpha-zetamite has the ability to invade another's mind when touching. Depending on the situation they can either use their telepathy to speak with the person or crush/scramble that person's mind. They don't like to hurt others but when faced with hostile forces, they have no mercy. They are a terrible and wrathful enemy to have.

Seemingly immortal.

The Alpha-zetamite are genderfluid and they can be either male or female at will. (They were modeled off ocean flat worms that during mating season will fight each other with their penises. The loser becomes the female.) Both can bear offspring.

They are the progenitor of the Ryo'Pardeep. Their offspring are all slightly different depending on the environment the Alpha-zetamite was in while the offspring grew within them. This gives the Ryo'Pardeep different abilities and affinities (i.e. Poseidon's affinity is water). These offspring of the Alpha-zetamite experiment with their form whereas the Alpha-zetamite is comfortable in their skin and find no value looking other than what they are.

The Alpha-zetamite haven't formed may trines since the Arthro War. Before the V'saar invasion of the Arthro Galaxy, Alpha and Zeta bonded in a trine with peoples compatible with them. They also moved about freely, only going to their host when they needed sustenance.

The first trine was a 'fluke'. Zeta sent a piece of herself to befriend a race in a newly discovered star system and ended up bonding. The experience was beyond what the Alpha-zetamite knew up to that time and the Alphas and Zetas flocked toward this new experience, falling in love for the first time in their long existence. "When he found his bondmates, that was the first time he had felt whole. When he fell in love, he finally understood what he lacked. He and Zeta had been caretakers for so long that they knew no other way to live."

The Alpha-Zetamite had been lured away from their adopted home world, the planet of Belforix, only for the V'saar to invade the planet, taking all the bonded of the Alphas and Zetas to their star ship. Some people became cattle for the V'saar and others were used to lure the Alpha-zetamite into traps. That didn't turn out as the V'Saar expected. They were slaughtered mercilessly by the Alpha-zetamite. When the remaining bonded had been found, the bonded died mere hours later. The Alpha-zetamite was inconsolable and turned the grief they'd never experienced before into rage. "Living and loving were not the only lessons Jiann and Volante taught him. The day he found his beloveds in the queen's hive, he learned the concept of loss, sorrow, and marrow-eating fury. The V'Saar fled like sheep before him and Zeta. He gathered what was left of his family to him just in time for them to breathe their last. Nothing—absolutely nothing contained his sorrow. He did not know how long the war continued, how long he allowed murderous rage to consume him until one day he woke numb, exhausted, and tired of a conflict that would not bring back his loved ones."

Since the war, they haven't formed many trines, believing they would never have what they once had… until Zeus.

Question and Answers from my FB group:

Question: "So when Stareater says "Father" he means the Alpha as a whole. Would he would call any alpha father?"

Answer: Yes, Star Eater would call any Alpha he came across as father. All Alphas/Zetas would have memories of Star Eater's conception, birth, and growing up. And if one Alpha saw Star Eater a year ago, he would communicate with the whole his memory of what happened so they all know and have the same recollection.

Question: "Are the smaller Alphas and Zetas in communication with the "rest" of them? Subspace communication in live time or do they only share info if in proximity or when they reconnect physically?"

Answer: Over a certain distance, they can communicate with each other through subspace. At the end of Striker, they, and some of the Dar Massaga, arrived at Valespia shortly after Zeus which means they set off in star ships when Alpha first scented Zeus at Space Station Basker'Qa. They were just as excited as Alpha and came to investigate. Trines to them are like the holy grail. I say a certain distance because within the Andromeda Galaxy, which is 220k light years across, they can keep in contact, but put 10 Andromeda's side by side and it becomes a little harder. Since Alpha and Zeta haven't been more than that far apart ever, they aren't sure how far is too far.

Common Occupation: see Dar Massaga

Government Systems: see Dar Massaga

Current Leader: see Dar Massaga

Council of Neighn of Member: see Dar Massaga

Allies: Qrxzl, Ryo Pardeep, Gaziniti, Reasaian, Shia'Marr, Kracciam, Aetherian, Mar'Sani,

Star System: Durega System

Other planets occupied by species:

Military Leader: see Dar Massaga

Cultural names and terms specific to species: see Dar Massaga


Species: Aetherians
Planet: Hellion
Other races on the planet:
Planetary Terrain: Blue lava fields surrounding a tropical paradise
Capitol: Nyx
Country: Olgaria, Etrua, Mostro
Patron Ryo'Pardeep: Black Night, Shadow Dark


Sanctuary of Nyx- The brothers of the sanctuary are trained in pleasure, subversion, and combat. But they're also good at the arts such as singing bards and poetry. They are rumored assassins for hire, or are hired to secretly rectify a 'situation'. The saying of "going to Hellion in a handbasket" means the situation is so dire *fucked up* that one may or may not be seen again.

In dire straits, someone will offer up their most prized possessions to pay these assassins for their help. Occasionally, the petitioner will offer up the life of another in exchange/to pay for a deed. No one knows what happens to the people sent to Hellion in a handbasket. Sometimes the person is returned to the petitioner but they refuse to speak of what they've seen. Others don't come back at all. But whatever the reason, everyone knows that going to Hellion in a handbasket isn't good.

Handbaskets are crafted of chiseled stone by Choron, The Guardian of Nyx. As the gatekeeper, Choron has a strong all seeing third eye. They take the palm of the requester's dominant hand and press it to their forehead, and will lay their hand over the person's heart. Empathic. Even though no one is required to give personal information, the gatekeeper gleans that and more as a touch clairvoyant. They will then choose one of their handcrafted baskets and send the 'offering' down the Styx lava flow. The 'blue river'.

When the handbasket is taken down the lava flow, monastery acolytes will collect it or its occupant along with the requester's written request. All of it is brought before Thanatos Titus. Thanatos is twin to Choron and will either know Choron's thoughts or he'll speak to them telepathically.

If the request is accepted by a member of the sanctuary, then the price is set by the assassin who takes on the job. The person's child, an object of great worth (to the monastery), or other item may be demanded for payment. If the petitioner has already sent a child/person, the assassin will always ask for something else but will still keep what was already sent. If the petitioner is willing to pay any price, they will do anything to acquire their goal. The assassin's view is that they are doing the person offered as payment a favor by not sending them back to the petitioner. But those petitioners deemed worthy will have the payment they offered returned to them. 

If the request/job offends the assassins, the petitioner could find themselves dead. This rumor has detoured many who thought about petitioning for help but there are still fools in the universe who think they are above reproach.

Many of the sanctuary's servants have been acquired through petitioners. Usually, these people are never turned away because they more than likely came from abusive homes or kidnapped by the petitioner from deplorable origins. They are given a second chance at life on Hellion with most flourishing and thriving. Some even join the Sanctuary of Nyx and learn the trade of assassination.

Those people who are returned to the petitioner are going back to a people who love and care for them (Info gleaned by Choron). Before they leave, they have to drink from the Spring of Lethe.

The Spring of Lethe: when given the water of Lethe, the person will forget what they've seen.

Those living in the bustling city of Nyx are a mixture of species. Some come from petitioner offerings. Some are Fal'Amoric who are born with white hair. Some were picked up by the assassins while they were offplanet.

Space Station Oneiroi: No one, other than citizens, is allowed on Hellion's surface. All trade is conducted on the space station. No one can see the surface of the planet through the opaque shielding. The people on the planet can see the sky and stars just fine. The shielding acts as a two-way mirror.

Those who wish to petition must wear a helmet that blinds them for the shuttle ride down to the gatekeeper. Four guards chaperone the person. The shuttle has no windows in the passenger section. The flight corridor lands the shuttle outside the gates. The area is blackened and gray, with an oppressive air. The area had been over run in the past by the blue lava and looks like a warfield. Gray, cloudy skies are caused by the nearby volcanic activity. An unusual fog comes from the blue lava river. The object of note is the gateway is between the legs of a colossal carved statue. It really freaks people out. Just the sight has scared petitioners away.

Common Occupation: Assassin, monks, Artisans,

Government System: council of elders with one who decides when the group is at an impasse. If the others disagree, then they petition the Ryo'Pardeep

Current Leader: Thanatos Titus

Council of Neighn of Member:

Allies: Erdaian, Alpha-Zetamite, Ryo'Pardeep, Shia'Marr,

Star System: Epsilon Hydrae System

Other planets occupied by species: n/a

Military Leader:
Their planet is surrounded by a clouded shield designed and built by the Gaziniti. There is one entry point.

Cultural names and terms specific to species:
Black Night (Nyx) and Shadow Dark (Erebus) parented:
Moros (doom, destiny)
Ker (destruction)
Thanatos (Death)
Aether (brightness)
Hemera (day)
Hypnos (sleep)
Oneiroi (Dreams)
Momus (Blame)
Oizys (pain, distress)
The Herperides, the Moirai (fate) (Chtichlian)
The Keres, Nemesis (indignations, retribution)
Apate (Deceit)
Philotes (friendship)
Geras (old age)
Ushas (dawn)


Species: Asani
Planet: Asan
Other races on the planet: Occasionally the Numina are seen in the waters but no one knows if they have a colony on the ocean floor and the Asani won't speak of them. This is also a holiday retreat for other water loving species such as the Kracciam. Two of the strip lands has been set up for tourists looking for simplistic vacation destinations, looking for huts and nature and miles of sand instead of urban chaos.
Planetary Terrain: Vast oceans with underwater cities. There are long sinuous strips of continents that are the lands surrounding mountain tops.
Capitol: Aswana
Country: Uthary, Dushian, Aspais

Patron Ryo Pardeep: River

Description: Average height range – 2'9" to 4' (need to convert to meters) most are around one meter tall

The Asani closely resemble Terren sea otters although they are much taller with longer legs. They have gills that are clearly seen on those with lighter coats of fur. They are able to breath underwater but live just as comfortably on land. They have long whiplike bodies covered in sleek fur in varying shades of brown, gray, black, and white. Many have buck-teeth.

Dargon indicated they have breeding patterns as prolific as Terren swamp rats. They are very sensitive to pheromones. When trapped in an enclosed space with the lusty scents, the Asani behavior devolves into shameless rutting and public sex. They don't care who is around and believe the more the merrier.

First contact with the Gaziniti helped them to take to the stars. The cute Asani can be more deadly than their appearance would leave one to believe. Their society is divided into small tribes with the oldest living being the tallest and thereby the leaders whose word is final. The tribe heads gather 4 times a year to discuss issues and vote 5 of them to handle interstellar affairs.

The land strips criss-crossing the oceans have rocky hills, forests, and sprawling organic cities that are very green.

Common Occupation: love occupations that require teams so they can be around each other. Mechanics, Healers, Navigation, Hunter

Government Systems: Tribal

Current Leader:

Council of Neighn of Member: Oko Thea
Oko keeps an entourage of at least 8 Asani with her in Haven. The halls are full of enticing scents and hormones. Swimming and being in the water helps but the days she must be inside on land, she needs the release. The emperors have made sure there are plenty of rooms set aside where the different species can "gather themselves together" when needed.

Allies: Numina, Kracciam, Gaziniti, L'Eema, Battion, Chi-Lin, Conti-Quan, Dar Massaga, GyrFalconi, Ice Tran, Mar'Sani,

The Erdaians have recently been seeking an alliance with the Asani for trade in sea pearls and other ocean delicacies.

Star System: Lyra Lyrea System

Other planets occupied by species:

Military Leader:

Cultural names and terms specific to species:


Species: Battion
Planet: Badonis
Other races on the planet:
Planetary Terrain: Rocky, forest
Capitol: Fritzen
Patron Ryo Pardeep:

Description: Average height 5'5" to 8'5"; iron blood type,

Natural psionic null. The normal null field is about 5 feet but with concentration they can extend the area affected to cover a moderately sized ship. They absorb psionic energy and those with psionic ability cannot use their talent in the presence of a Battion. This null ability makes them desirable bodyguards.

Big and bulky, furry with four arms. Their appearance is adorable, making it difficult for other to take seriously. Humanoid in shape, biped, broad shouldered with a domelike head, short neck, almost completely covered in long silky fur. The eyes, palms, and the bottom of their feet do not have hair.

They have a slow metabolism and are long lived.

They are marsupials and both male and females have pouches. Family units are extremely protective of their members. The elderly care for the young while young-to-middle-ages do most other work. Females rule bot the family and at a cultural level. Males are expected to move to female's unit.

Many young leave the planet looking for adventure.

Vegetarians and rarely aggressive towards others.

The Battion homeworld is hazardous to psionics. They would suffer irreparable psi-burn or other damage without proper preparation in the form of artificial null fields, strong mind fields, psiosedatives or psi-blockers.

Common Occupation: Bodyguard, farmer, hunter

Government Systems: Matriarch; Queen

Current Leader:

Council of Neighn of Member: Petras

Allies: Chi-Lin, L'Eema, Asani, Gaziniti, Mar'Sani, GyrFalconi, Asani, Conti'Quan, Dar Massaga, Ice Trans,

Star System: Dosi Nova System

Other planets occupied by species:

Military Leader:

Cultural names and terms specific to species:


Species: Catalani
Planet: Catalan
Other races on the planet:
Planetary Terrain: mountainous, volcanic, forest, jungle
Capitol: Arcturus
Patron Ryo Pardeep:

Description: Biped, appearance is very feline-like. Color blind with good night vision and seeing objects in motion. Aggressive and territorial. Sense of smell is no better than a human's. Good balance, stealthy. Short tempered, limber. Average height: 3'1" to 5'

Small family prides of mostly females.

They have both mystic and psi orders who don't tolerate each other. There have been many attempts at cleansing the planet of one or the other orders.

Loves weapons and will spend ridiculous amounts of money to obtain the best.

The prides fight so much among themselves they are on the verge of extinction. They have been interbreeding with Gaziniti who are pacifist. The Gaziniti genetics tempers the Catalani aggression, reducing the violent tendencies.

Not human friendly

Their world is rich in "mana" an energy that the mystic order can manipulate. The energy comes from catalyn crystals that are mined and made into jewelry and inlaid into clothing and scepters. They refuse to join the Valespian Mentalist Order that teach and track those with have the ability to manipulate energies such as Psionics, Elementalists, and Ritual Magicians.

A short history: Gaziniti were shipwrecked on Catalan and they were taken into the tribes. The Catalanis warred amongst themselves mercilessly, slowly killing themselves off. But when the Gaziniti intermarried with the Catalani, the offspring were markedly less violent. When the Gaziniti were discovered and rescued, the information got out and Gaziniti volunteers went back to Catalan to integrate with them, hoping the next generations would better tolerate each other, allowing the Catalani to survive as a species. If left to their own devices, the Catalani were on track to extinguish themselves in 5 to 6 generations.

Common Occupation: mining, mentalis, mystic, warrior, assassin

Government Systems: Matriarchal family prides. Since the integration of the Gaziniti, a senate has been formed.

Current Leader:

Council of Neighn of Member: Gitash of the Olmash Plains

Allies: Gaziniti,

Star System: 2 star solar system: Asteria Solar System

Other planets occupied by species:

Military Leader:

Cultural names and terms specific to species:

Shino, Rinis, Nymne, Coce, Akane, Themah, Kobe, Sora, Mocrie, Huxu, Natsu, Aimi, Chaunee, Gimess

Sakura, Kussimo Nocsorr, Xaunia, Nori, Rizau, Kaede, Domo, Haruki, Ko, Makirr, Cuka, Zuzso, Aoi

Clan/Tribe Names:

Silver Spirit Tribe
Orache Hill Tribe
Savage Aura Tribe
Bright Phoenix Tribe
Grave Watch Tribe
Molten Sword Tribe
Dirty Crown Tribe
Mammoth Rock Tribe
Grim Island Tribe
Hard Fire Tribe
Blue Skeleton Tribe
Yellow Dagger Tribe
Infamous Sun Tribe
Falling Whisper Tribe
Rising Forest Tribe


Species: Chi-Lin
Planet: Amicron II
Other races on the planet:
Planetary Terrain: Forest, Jungle, Mountains, Seas
Capitol: Caith
Patron Ryo Pardeep

Description: Iron based blood. Height is 6 feet to 9 feet tall. Feline race with remarkably human features. Only fur on their body is their hair/mane. Hands and feet are humanoid. Strong retractable claws. Good night vision, superior hearing, keen sense of smell, stealthy.

80% of the population have psionic abilities which keeps them from becoming ritual magicians.

Chi-Lin are territorial with high inner-species aggression.

A large percentage of psi abilities centers on healing, tracking, hyper, and telepathy. Less than 2% are empathic. While only a very few don't have psi ability, they are not ostracized because of the lack. Instead they are protected and are often mediators. A low percentage of Chi-Lin have a wider psi ability outside the norm.

They have ritualized combat to deal with honor issues. Strict codes of personal honor.

There are 11 (eleven) males to every female. Their technology is highly psi based.

Questions from the Facebook Group:

Question: Is it supposed to be "Keeps FROM" ? Wouldn't psionic abilities HELP them become ritual shamans?

"80% of the population have psionic abilities which keeps them from becoming ritual magicians."

Answer: There are three Mentalist categories: Psionics, Ritual Magician (Weaver), and Elementalist. 

A Psionic's body produces a great amount of energy which their mind can manipulate. This is why if a psi goes to the Battion homeworld they have to have protection, otherewise they get terribly sick/dead. They are cut off from a vital part of themselves, the energy. 

Ritual Magicians (aka Ritual Weavers) do not produce energy but can utilize energy in certain crystals like the above mentioned M'Cathaian Crystals. Items like these crystals put out an energy Weavers can see, and through ritual weave to perform "magic". They often use their weaving for defense and protection. Abechan, the Shia'Marr on the Oethra 7 is a Ritual Magician. These weavers can also be found on Catalan, and the GyrFalconi homeworld. Those are also the homeworlds that have something similar to the M'Cathaian Crystals. 

The third Mentalist ability is Elementalist. They can see and manipulate the energy caused by elements like fire and water. 

So to answer your question, someone who is psi can only manipulate only their own body's energy. Their abilities are different from a Ritual Magician in not only how/what energy they handle but in what they are able to do. They can be one or the other, the cannot be both. :)

Additional Info revealed for the question: There is a story behind the term "ritual magician". It came from the 20 Year War. When the humans fought against the dreaded Shia'Marr, the zealots looked at the Shia'Marr's dino-like bodies and their ability to create shimmering shields and other things, they dubbed the Shia'Marr demons and their ability as 'magic'. There is a faction of certain psi who sneer at the 'weaker' abilities of Weavers, thinking Weavers are inferior, and use Ritual Magician as a slur against Weavers. A portion of the Chi-Lin population carries this bigotry.

A sign of trust is allowing another to kiss your cheek.

Greeting/hello: taking the other person's hand and clasping it between your own.

Common Occupation: psi-healer, hunter, imperial guard, pilot, engineer, trooper, ecologist

Government Systems: Queendom

Current Leader: Evreax Quix 

Council of Neighn of Member: Rheax Omphalox

Allies: Gaziniti, Ryo'Pardeep, Battion, Asani, Conti'Quan, Erdaian, Giante, Wolfine, L'Eema, Chtichlian, Orion, Ryden, Shia'Marr, Syrryn, Dar Massaga, Mar'Sani,

Star System: Pergoni Solar System

Other planets occupied by species:

Military Leader:

Cultural names and terms specific to species:

Aye – Yes
Bumbee – Bad Fairies
Comeover – non-native
Middlin – tolerable
Skeet – gossip
Broogh – steep bank
Lhergy – high waistland
Cronk – hill
Bollan bane – mugwort
Bonnag – flat cakebread made with dried friut
Brabbag - warm the backs of your legs by the fire
Claddagh – land by the river
Crosh bollan – mouthbone of the ballan wrasse worn as a charm
Cruinnaght – cultural gathering
Dub – small hollow, pool, damp area
Ellan vannin – Isle of Mann
Farrain – hogwee
Keck – animal dung
Tramman – elder tree
Moaney – peatland
Mhelliah – harvest festival
Moal – literally slow, but used in the sense of ill
Jough – a drink
Litcheragh – lazy
Keeill – small ancient monk cell or chapel

M'Cathaian Crystals: hematite gray gem carefully cut into exotic shapes, the planes and angels meant to highlight/showcase the jagged electric blue lines. The gems look as if they have caught blue lightning in its prismed depth.

A Short History: Chi-Lin is rife with violence and territorialism. They developed psionic talent to adapt to the natural wildlife. As a consequence of the low level of empathy they gained, they stopped warring against each other because they felt each other's pain. Instead they developed a highly ritualized form of combat to deal with honor disputes and family squabbles. Male aggression was funneled into physical arts. Cities were built to be in harmony with the landscape. Their tech is psi-based and baffling to other species.

The Chi-Lin appeared on their planet, fully formed and obviously engineered. For what purpose? No non-Chi-Lin knows, and if they do, they aren't willing to say. Many speculate about where they came from. The Chi-Lin claim no knowledge of their creature—or so they say. The conversation came up again when Madux came away from the Waters of Truth on Qestaire unharmed.

Chi-Lin Temple of… (??)

High Priestess: Calix Lynx


Species: Chtichlian
Planet: Chniar
Other races on the planet:
Planetary Terrain: Rocky, jungle
Capitol: Kolloa
Patron Ryo Pardeep:

Description: resemble spiders, thick, hard cool exoskeleton, four of their eight legs have clawlike fingers and three fingers on each leg opposes each other like pincers, exoskeleton covered in stiff hair, footfalls a hard take on most floors.

They give off an energy that Zeus can sense that is part of the species mentalist abilities. (as a child, Zeus called this magic because he hadn't yet learned the types of energies he could sense. Plus, he didn't know that 'magic' is used in a derogatory way—something that came from Rothmar.)

What they smell like: spicy scent, sweet soil, and potent energy

Voice: sibilance and hard clacks

Spyders: created creatures that resemble themselves but are much smaller. These creations are made with a specific purpose in mind. For instance, they made a special kind for the ContiQuan planet. There are also breeds of spyders that make the best silks (spyder silk) in the Andromeda galaxy.

From Zeus's eyes: "They resembled the spyders they created with hard exoskeletons covered in bristly hair and distended abdomen's splashed with a rainbow of bright colors, the designs unique and beautiful, despite their form. The three largest Chtichlians were so tall their knees came to within a meter of the high ceiling. Beneath the Chtichlians scampered their attendance. They too were arachnid in shape, knee-high to Zeus and devoid of color. Their bulbous black eyes were trained on his father…"

Their average lifespan is around five hundred years (or so they claim)

They have long been space firing raced. They have not only mastered travel through space and other dimensions, they have experimented with time travel. The only other species known to hold the secret of time travel are the L'Eema.

Their technology is organic mixed with their mentalist (psionic) abilities.

Their starships are made from their own spun spyder silk. The vessels use solar cells and their very secretive about the type of engines that power their ship. Secretive about their technology.

They don't normally meddle in the affairs of other species.

Six thousand years ago, they were involved in a war where they lost two thirds of their population. The picked up what was left of their species and fled that federation. After observing those species involved in the creating the Valespian Pact, they asked to be included. Since then, they have kept a much lower profile in interstellar affairs, preferring to watch and act carefully so as to never again be involved in such destructive conflict.

They witness the devastation the V'Saar had reaped on other galaxies and they wanted to avoid that fate for the Andromeda galaxy.

Common Occupation: genetics, sciences, silk making, space engineering

Government Systems: counsel collaboration

Current Leader: Tyche

Council of Neighn of Member: Tyche

Allies: Gaziniti, Edraian, L'Eema, Fal'Amoric, Conti'Quan, Giante, Dire D'Noss, Ice Trans, Orion, Syrryn, Wolfine, Chi-Lin, Shia'Marr,

Star System: Crux Calesius System

Other planets occupied by species:

Military Leader: they do not have a military. They normally retreat from a violent confrontation. Their ships can jump very quickly.

They have four primary starships:

Fate: Aisa, Moirai, Parcae
Destiny: Nona, Decima, Morta
Xxxx: Clotho, Lachesis, Atrepes
XXX: Tekmo, Ananke, Dike

Cultural names and terms specific to species:

They use child for other people's young. They call parents guardian.


Species/Race: Chimera
Planet: Atlainticia
Other races on the planet: Mar'Sani, Numina, People of the Longing,
Planetary Terrain: Oceans, jungle, mountain ranges, volcanic desert
Capitol: Thrace
Patron Ryo Pardeep: Poseidon, 

Description: Average height is 2 meters. Immense strength. Bear live young. Biped w/tail, humanoid, reptilian. Suckle their young, scaled skin, strong heavy tail they use in battle and as a limb to rest on. Forked tongues can be used to scent the air. Eyes don’t have whites. Omnivores that must have plenty of water and moderate temperatures. The Chimera do not have barbs.

Always born as triplets. Feared and revered. They don't like to be in the spotlight so not many Mar'Sani have seen them outside of military operations. Secretive, legendary assassins who can take the Three form. Outsiders don't know if they are psionics creating the illusion of the 'beast' of if they actually meld into one being.

Smooth scales devoid of the spike/barbs or bony ridges, and always white. They move in such a way people don't know if they slide over the sand or fly.

As they change, the air around them shimmers as if an intense heat is coming off of them. They appear to melt into each other, their size tripling as if they reform into a huge, three-headed creature, horrifying. The two outer heads had sharp horns jutting out behind large soulless eyes, arching backwards over their necks. Long angular muzzles revealed double row of sharp teeth. One face appeared more reptilian than the other, while the other seemed more amphibian. The center head was round, similar to a lioness with smooth, white scales and no horns, with fangs. The bodies are large, the feet clawed and a pair of huge, delicate leathery wings shot out of the upper spine to catch the wind. The two outside heads breathes fire.

In nobility circles they are referred to as the 'revered triplets'.

The ability to morph is unlocked when they are 10 summers. They are sent into the Black Sands Desert on a quest to track down the sages who live there to teach them the secrets of the Three form. Not all Chimeras share the same characteristics of inner self. Once they acknowledge and accept who they are, they then are able to combine to become the 'beast'. How they shift their shape is not revealed to outsiders.

Their trust in their brothers are absolute. Their bond is so close that they either do not find a mate or they share one between them. (No, they do not have sex with each other.)

"Most Mar'Sani had a healthy respect for the Chimera. Most did not approach them or brave their company."

The Chimera are the offspring of the being called Whirlwind. He resides in the Black Sands Desert. When he goes to walk among the civilians he will take lovers, unattached females. Baring the 'revered triplets' raises a female's status because she is considered blessed/favored. Males will come from all over to vie for her hand in matrimony.

Common Occupation: Warriors, spies, bounty hunters

Government Systems: Constitutional Monarchy

Current Leader: Emperor Valdor Vondorian

Council of Neighn of Member: (future Valdor Vondorian)

Allies: Ryo'Pardeep, GyrFalconi, Fal'Amoric, Conti'Quan, Battion, Chi-Lin, Orion, Gaziniti, Giante, Chtichlians

Star System: Portunus Star System

Other planets occupied by species:

Military Leader: Warlords Sohm'lan, Mestor, and Zeus. When Azaes takes the throne, he will choose 6 others who will report to the three above.

Cultural names and terms specific to species: See Mar'Sani


Species: Chocó
Planet: Shillon
Other races on the planet: Kankui
Planetary Terrain: Jungles, rivers, lakes, oceans, some minor mountain ranges
Capitol: Katio
Country: Atrato, Wuanana
Patron Ryo Pardeep:

Description: (This is a new addition. I will probably add things about this people as time goes on.)

They were polyamorous family groups.

The villages around the river tributaries built their buildings on stilts. The rivers flooded twice a year. The buildings were connected by swaying wood and rope bridges that are used during the months of flooding.

Both males and females wore knee length skirts (or loin cloths) and no tops. Unless they go into the city. They are very fond of necklaces and bangles, wearing as many as they can, each having a different meaning.

Offworlders were only allowed access to the main metro areas and not welcomed outside the boundaries of the urban areas.

Shamanic healthcare professionals.

The Choco are extinct. At the beginning of the Anthro War, they were taken from their homeworld by the V'Saar.

Common Occupation: Fruit Farmers, Traders, Hunters

Government Systems: Matrilineal; Local: Tribal Cacique (chief); Country: Collective of Leaders

Current Leader: n/a

Council of Neighn of Member: n/a

Allies: n/a

Star System: Arthro Galaxy

Other planets occupied by species: n/a

Military Leader: n/a

Cultural names and terms specific to species:


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