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Pact Days: Sketches and Illustrations #ValespianPact

Welcome back to Pact Days. I have more illustrations and pencil drawings for you. 

As with a lot of the characters that I write, I don't have one picture inspiration that makes them up. Dargon is one of those characters. His thylakos form is loosely based off the extinct Tasmanian tiger, being bigger and shaped a bit differently due to Dargon's ability to morph into a humanoid shape. My pinterst board has his eyes and a few other pictures where I took this body part or that down to his clothes. All pieced together would make Dargon, sort of, maybe, but not quite. So I attempted to put my hand to how he looked and it started out all right. 

But the further I got along, the more frustrated I became. It's my limitation with drawing. I don't practice enough to be better and since drawing isn't my passion as it was when I was a teenager, my skill will continue to be meh. :)

Nothing to write home about. But the illustrator did all right with it, though I'm still not happy with it. If I could pluck the image out of my head and drop it on paper, I would do it in a heartbeat.

I did decide that I was going to give drawing Dargon another try but I didn't get far. You could say that I got distracted with other things and just haven't gone back to finish it.

So perhaps one day I will get further along. I drew Athena, which I won't show you because I really hate it. I attempted a profile and she looks sorta of reminds me of Beavis and Butthead. She could be Beavis's relative with better hair. I'm going to try a front facing drawing, like Zeus's. I might have better luck. 

The last one I have for you is Canry. I didn't do so bad with his drawing, though I got the spines on his head the wrong height, They are supposed to be shorter in the front, growing gradually taller toward the back.

I wasn't a fan of how I drew Canry's lips, but I talked to the Illustrator about that and she fixed them. We also had long conversations about Canry's coloring and what his armor looked like. I think she did a great job on both. 

Well that is it for now. I think I only have a few more drawings left to show off. I do have several more, they just aren't public worthy. The Vondorians are all that is left. I have Azaes, Shaneva, and Zeus. I wish I could do a portrait of all the Vondorians together. That would be cool. But first, I need to pick up the pencil and start exercising my drawing skills again. :-)

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Assassin's Retirement Chapter Twenty-Two, Part Two #gentleman #blogstory #amwriting

Welcome back to Assassin's Retirement!

Saja glared at her son but Zane could see the terror she tried to hide. A pang of longing clutched Zane's chest. He couldn't remember the last time his mother gave him a look like that. Long before he was sent away to become a monster.

He let Saja finished her phone conversation before he asked, "What does my El Chupacabra have to do with anything?"

Saja gave Cord the patented 'we will speak of this later' look before answering. "The caller, I'm guessing Alonzo since he once worked for I.O.N., made a special request for a small specialized team from San Diego led by Beck Zell to retrieve the chupa. They will be arriving today and have been asked to pick up the mantles before they come up the mountain. My superiors are also sending replacements for the injured Valkyries. They should be here in about a half hour or so. My superior will be arriving with them, and she will want to speak to you."

Zane turned his attention back to his pancakes, carefully applying the peanut butter so the bread wasn't damaged. He calculated how hard it would be to get the Skyld and Alonzo to the safe room before he initiated security protocols that would lock down the house and release knock-out gas. There was a small airstrip north of them where he kept a Cessna big enough for the three of them. The question was what would be a safe location to take them to?


He glanced at Cord.

"They aren't going to hurt you or anyone else. This business with the scion bloodlines is huge. The strongest oracle houses run I.O.N…" Cord trailed off somehow guessing that Zane was not comforted by his words.

Surprisingly, Skyld was the one who took up where Cord left off. "Even though I.O.N. is overseen by oracles that does not mean they are all corrupt. Each set of oracle houses oversee a territory. It is unlikely that all of them are involved with stealing mantles."

"Ella knew you and you seemed to have a history with her," Prince interjected. "If you knew she had stolen mantles and was blackmailing the bloodlines, forcing them to from a bond with her—them—then why didn't you report her conduct. You have a mantle. Did you make a deal with her?"

Skyld sneered down the table at Prince. "She holds no sway over me."

"Then why not speak up?" Saja pressed.

On one hand, Zane wanted to defend Skyld. He didn't like the suspicion she pointed towards Skyld. On the other, Zane had hoped to get Skyld alone so he could broach the subject himself. Zane trusted Skyld with his life and if he had information about mantles and bloodlines he hadn't shared before today… Zane believed—needed to believe—that Skyld had a good reason for not confiding in him. Hell, Skyld had already said he'd hoped that Zane never became aware of Others and scions seemed to definitely fit into that group. But… Saja had claimed Zane was a scion, perhaps a variant of the bloodline so that would make him Other, did it not? Zane didn't feel supernatural.

"I need some time with Zane," Skyld said, catching Zane's gaze.

"We will take food to Midnight and Raine and check on Alonzo," Cord said. Xander, Prince, and Anson hurriedly followed Cord, putting together two plates piled with food and grabbing drinks before disappearing down the hallway.

Saja stared hard at Skyld. "The replacements and my superior should arrive within the hour. My team and I can wait outside. But know this Skyld, they will want an explanation."

"Fair enough," Skyld replied, lips pressing as if he tasted something foul.

The healthy Valkyrie helped the injured through the kitchen door. As Zane reached for the maple syrup, he watched the Valkyrie through the windows. They selected snow covered patio chairs and with a wave of her hand, Saja cleaned off the outdoor furniture. They made themselves comfortable as if it was the height of summer and not bone-chilling cold out there.

Skyld cleared his throat, his gaze intense. "You are probably going to be really pissed at me here in a minute. So before I destroy your confidence in me, I want to tell you that I love you."

The bottle of syrup slipped from Zane's finders, hitting the table with a bang.

Skyld's expression morphed into disbelief, followed closely by embarrassment. He shoved Zane's shoulder. "Not like that you fuckhead. I love you like a brother. Jesus H. Christ. You have a rock band panting after you and now you think everyone is after your dick."

"I do not. What was I supposed to think with that kind of delivery?" Zane grabbed the syrupy, popped the lid and gave the bottle a healthy squeeze. "By the way, you're the fuckhead," Zane grumbled. "I know you love me, idiot. Get on with this fucking bad story you have to tell me."

Skyld sobered, pulling his cup of coffee to him, staring into the liquid as if reading the future. "When I was younger, I had a brother close to my age. Our father… you could say he is a hobosexual." Zane snorted into his cup at the description, but Skyld's voice only held derision. "He has a talent of praying on people who find him attractive, sleeping with those who would let him shack up with them. Beyond creating us, our father didn't have much to do with us. Our grandfather raised us with the knowledge that we were Blood, training and preparing us for the day we would take up our own mantles.

"When it came time for us to receive our mantles he discovered they had been stolen from our family vault. We didn't know who was responsible until we were approached by an oracle called, Hedvig from House of Odin's Runes. We understood then who had taken our mantles. Grandfather reached out to the other bloodlines and discovered they too had their mantles stolen. The families reached out to Hedvig, discovering the mantles would be returned if the scions formed bonds with House of Odin's Runes. Grandfather was smart, making us wait and watching the bloodlines who cooperated. The families soon found themselves virtual slaves and personal assassins of House of Odin's Runes."

Table of Contents

Chapter One - Retirement
Chapter Two - Normal is not supposed to be this hard
Chapter Three - Caught
Chapter Four - Crimson Comet
Chapter Five - Mountain Magic
Chapter Six, Part 1 - Harbinger of a Nightmare
Chapter Six, Part 2 -
Chapter Seven, Part 1 - Stolen Answers
Chapter Seven, Part 2 -
Chapter Eight, Part 1 - No such thing as heroes
Chapter Eight, Part 2 -
Chapter Nine, Part 1 - Dead is supposed to be... dead
Chapter Nine, Part 2 -
Chapter Ten, Part 1 - Gathering Allies
Chapter Ten, Part 2
Chapter Eleven - Combustible
Chapter Twelve - Standing His Ground
Chapter Thirteen - Choices
Chapter Fourteen, Part 1
Chapter Fourteen, Part 2
Chapter Fifteen, Part 1 - To kill, or not to kill
Chapter Fifteen, Part 2

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What's On the Reading Radar? #WishList #TBR

What have I been doing this week? Well, it was release week for Caledonia Destiny. Attempting to get the file uploaded for the print version and Createspace is giving me lip.

In between the chaos, I've also been re-editing Alpha Trine for the contract renewal. That isn't going as quickly as I thought it would but I'm not going to rush it. 

Title: The Leshy and the Lumberjack
Author(s): Ginger Streusel
Length: 132 pages
Publisher: LT3 Press

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Gay / 


Blurb: In Isaak's sleepy town, monsters live next door. Most of the townsfolk prefer to avoid the dark, eerie woods, but Isaak enjoys spending his days there. Armed with his grandmother's stories, he chops wood and plants trees, and keeps the peace between men and monsters.

Then he meets the Leshy, the god who guards the forest and all who dwell in it. He is also known for abducting travelers—or tickling them to death. But the god he meets is nothing like the stories he was told, and the more time they spend together the more Isaak hates to leave him.

But the Leshy isn't the only thing lurking in the woods...

Title: Touch of Magic
Series: (Fae-Touched Book 1)
Author(s): Isabelle Adler
Length: 256 pages
Publisher: NineStar Press (May 28, 2018)

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Gay / 


Blurb: After returning to the straight and narrow, Cary Westfield hopes to rebuild his life as a stage magician. Only thing is, the success of his new show is entirely dependent on a strange medallion inherited from his late grandfather—an amulet that holds a rare and inexplicable power to captivate the wearer’s audience.

Ty prides himself on his ability to obtain any item of magical significance—for the right price. When a mysterious client hires him to steal a magical amulet from a neophyte illusionist, he’s sure it will be a quick and easy job, earning him a nice chunk of cash.

As it turns out, nothing is sure when greed and powerful magic are at play. When a mob boss with far-reaching aspirations beats Ty to the snatch, Cary and Ty form an unlikely partnership to get the amulet back. The unexpected spark of attraction between them is a welcome perk, but each man has his own plan for the prize.

All bets are off, however, when it is revealed the magical amulet holds a darker secret than either of them had bargained for.

Title: Gift of the Goddess
Author(s): Kaje Harper
Length: 73 pages

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Gay /


Blurb: Desperate times call for desperate measures. 

Garvin’s worst fear is realized when he runs home from the fields to find his lover’s forge empty, his tools scattered, and the ground trampled by a band of soldiers. Nyle has been kidnapped and conscripted into the King’s army—a death sentence even for a big smith like Nyle.

Garvin is untrained, unarmed, and nowhere near strong enough to take on one soldier, let alone a whole army. His household skills and a way with horses aren't much to work with, but he can't let that stop him. For the first time in his life, he prays to the Goddess for the help he desperately needs.

He’s not expecting an answer. Particularly the one he gets.

This is a rerelease of the 2012 Storm Moon Press story. It has been edited and polished, but there are no substantial changes.

Content warning - contains a brief on-page episode of dubious to non-consensual sex.

Title: Aerie
Author(s): Jon Keys

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Iron Age / Paranormal / 


Blurb: Askari, Dhala, and Gyam grew up as childhood friends during happier days for the Chinjoka, an Iron Age people with the ability to shapeshift, but now they must learn their place among the tribe while dealing with both a devastating plague and war with the Misiq.

Ena is a young warrior for the more savage Misiq, a tribe whose cruelty exemplifies their deity—the Angry God. The Misiq, also shifters, have declared a genocidal war against the Chinjoka, blaming them for the disease devastating both tribes. As a result, they are locked in a battle for survival. But when Ena is shown compassion by those he means to harm, he begins to question all he’s ever known.

A chance meeting changes their lives, and maybe their tribes, forever.

Title: Night of the Living Manny
Author(s): Julia Talbot
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (June 5, 2018)

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Zombies / Gay /


Blurb: Something besides love is growing….

Manny Brenden Torrance is good at his job. He’s dealt with all sorts of children and parents, but he’s never met anyone as intriguing as Liam Whitehouse. Liam is a scientist with three kids, whose job is keeping him away from home more and more. That’s where Brenden steps in to help.

Liam has secrets, though. He’s working on a project for a pharmaceutical lab that could change disease management. Or destroy it. While he and Brenden start a romance they both want to continue, things at Liam’s job come to a head, and suddenly the whole family of Dad, manny, three kids, and a big drooly dog is on the run from the one thing that might keep Brenden and Liam apart. And infect the world.

Title: The Dragon's Thief
Author(s): Riza Curtis
Length: 66 pages

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Paranormal / Gay / 


Blurb: Chester. Magpie shifter, renowned thief.

Chester knows better than to get involved when a dragon requests his services. Anyone who steals from a dragon's hoard is not to be screwed with. There's something alluring about Michal though, and Chester's always loved playing with fire...

Michal. Dragon shifter, first-born son.

Michal knows exactly who's taken the centrepiece of his hoard—his estranged brother. The one person he can't touch thanks to family politics. It seems simple enough to hire the little magpie shifter to retrieve what is his. But, Chester is nothing like Michal expected, and in the end he might need to decide whether the last piece of his mother is worth more than the man who could own his heart.

Title: Strike a Fire
Author(s): Avtor Kirjanik
Length: 343 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Alternate History / Gay / Dragons / 


Blurb: When paramedic Lyon LeBlanc saves a lightning-struck surfer, his life changes forever in a way no one could have expected. He wakes up in a hospital room with his patient's arm wrapped to his own for some reason and his life goes off the rails from that point.

Travis Hyland lives on and in the ocean. The waves of salt water call to him and he answers, even when a storm is heading to shore. Waking in the hospital, he has a new scar and a new friend. Or maybe more.

The Change occurs within hours. With news reporters breathing down their necks, the two men flee to Trav's beach house. Word gets out anyway and not everyone is pleased by the news.

The families of both handle the situation in distinctly different ways. Being the first dragon shifters in over 1500 years sparks flares all over the world and shifters of all kinds seem to come out of the woodwork.

Title: The Tale of Augst Hayling
Author(s): Kim Fielding
Length: 1 hour

Genre: Romance / Historical / Gold Rush Era / Paranormal / 


Blurb: August Hayling went west following the discovery of gold in California. While most prospectors were hoping to strike it rich, August was more interested in a place big enough to let him get lost. Sitting alone in a saloon, he is approached by a peculiar man named Georgios Cappadocia, who offers August a fortune in gold if August will come along and help him fetch it.

August soon learns that his strange new employer is engaged in some kind of ancient dispute. And when they arrive at their destination, both men will realize that not all treasures are golden - and sometimes destinies can be changed.

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Pact Days: Sketches and Illustrations #ValespianPact

Welcome back to Pact Day! I found some saved files from when I started sketching that I thought I lost. I also found sketches that made me cringe... those you won't see because they are... yeah, nope, nope.

The first one I have is the Battle Over Valespia. I have to admit this one was easier to draw just because there wasn't a person in it. We have the Oethra 7 approaching Valespia and behind it is one of the Terren vessels. The yellow marks are supposed to be the electricity of the EM netting the Oethra 7 'dropped' on the pursuing ship. The shadow skull on the shadows of the planet was completely unintentional.

The second sketch I have is of the Feteine, Europa Astarte. I would say she was as hard to draw as some of the other being because I had a hard time imaging the details of the mechanical parts that made her up. The tubing coming out of her head and attaching to her spine was all right. Her face was okay as well, the face-plate were drawn seperately. I like this sketch so much better than the one I did for Athena. I will have to redo Athena's since I don't much care for it. Europa turned out prettier. But I didn't commission an illustration of Europa. 

I have one more for you today. Emperor Cyprian of the current Triumphant I drew and commissioned.  Cyprian is the current ruling Bespoken from the Fal'Amoric royal bloodline. There are many similarities between Cyprian, Athena, Zeus, and Prometheus.

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Assassin's Retirement Chapter Twenty-Two, Part One #gentleman #blogstory #amwriting

We have another untitled chapter for Assassin's Retirement. I've been swamped with all the activities for my new release, Caledonia Destiny, that I almost forgot to post this. Enjoy!!

Chapter Twenty-Two

When Zane exited the hallway to the main room, Scyld was the first person Zane searched for. Without speaking, Scyld pointed to the garage door. Zane walked through the mudroom into the heated garage. It wasn't the same temperature as the house, but still, sixty degrees was much warmer than the temperature outside.

Someone had put Ella in the bed of the small ATV trailer. They had given her a couple of blankets to lay on as well swaddling her in a couple more. Zane checked her hands and feet as she glared at him over the makeshift gag. It wouldn't do for her to escape before he was finished with her. If she was smart, she would know that no matter where she ran he would find her.

Reassured she wouldn't go anywhere without help, Zane turned off the lights and set the alarms on the garage. If any of the doors or windows were opened without the security system disabled the alarm would sound.

Back in the main room, he slowly catalogued the situation. The wounded Valkyrie were being tended by Cord and his mother. Their injuries didn't seem as terrible as he thought they had seemed from the glimpses he had gleaned during the fight. Perhaps they were already healing? The thought unsettled him.

Prince and Xander were speaking with Skyld and Saja. Zane was ready to wade into the conversation until his stomach grumbled and twisted with hunger. He scowled, remembering they were supposed to have a glorious breakfast… then Ella and her guards arrived, screwing up his morning. Glancing through the kitchen, he easily identified all the food Alonzo had work hard to make. Without a word to anyone, Zane finished setting the table, even locating the leaf, making room for more seats. To supplement the breakfast food, now cold, Zane rummaged through the refrigerator. He collected fruit, yogurt, and an assortment of cheeses, adding them to the spread. When he sat down, that seemed to be signal for everyone to join him.

Chairs scraped over the wood flooring. Zane made mental note to grab some felt to put on the feet of the chairs. The guys would have his floors scratched up in record time… the unbidden thought of Crimson Comet staying with him indefinitely was unrealistic. As soon as the psychopath hunting Cord was dealt with, the band would go back to their normal lives and that was on the west coast, nowhere near Zane's Idaho mountains.

He chewed on a mouthful of cold scrambled eggs and glanced around his table, taking a good, long look at the tableau before him. His guests were split by gender as if they were in school or something. Crimsons Comet sat to his left. A couple of vacant chairs reminded Zane who was absent. He would have food taken back to them soon. The Valkyries sat to his right, those able to come to the table at least. One remained dozing by the fire. At the end, Cord and his mother sat together. He'd never eaten at a table sporting so many people before. As an assassin for his uncle, he did not attend social functions and he never dined with his uncle. He was always separate. Invisible. Alone. Strangely, the Valkyrie nodded or gave him strained smiles. That they would choose to eat with him when less than an hour ago he'd done his level best to mow a path through them surprised Zane. Was this how all Others acted or was it a trait only exhibited by Valkyrie? Or perhaps it was some kind of I.O.N. protocol?

Skyld pushed a small plate stacked with four chocolate chip pancakes, a couple slightly burned, toward Zane. Alonzo had been flipping pancakes that morning when Zane had entered the kitchen. He pulled the plate to him and grabbed the jar of peanut butter.

Everyone quieted and looked expectantly at Zane. He paused in the middle of removing the jar's lid. "What?" Was he supposed to give a speech? Toast something?

Saja cleared her throat. "I made a call to my superiors and gave them a report about what happened."

Zane stilled. "Are you saying an unknown agency is going to storm my property in order to get Ella back?" He couldn't say her name without his voice dripping with venom.

"Oh! No! I warned them that to send more than one team would be ill advised."

Zane clenched his jaw. A team sounded like a lot of armed people. The comfortable weight of his shoulder holster did little to reassure him that he could protect the people under his care against and unknown number of Others. Especially after this morning.

"They agreed to allow my team to be the one to parlay with you. They are also assigning a special investigator into Ella's oracle house. They need first to uncover evidence of the all members of the house entrapping the bloodlines by controlling the mantles. I let them know Ella brought with her eight boxes she claimed carried mantles. They are in our hotel rooms in a safe. As a good faith effort, I.O.N. has authorized me to hand the mantles to you once I confirm they are indeed mantles." Her gaze went to Skyld. "Since you have possession of a mantle, I assume you have contact with the other bloodlines."

Skyld nodded. "I can reach out to my grandfather and he'll notify them of the recovery. They will be expecting all the stolen mantles be returned," Skyld warned.

"We are well aware," Saja replied after sipping from her glass of orange juice. "My superior advised me there was a special request placed last night for a retrieval team to pick up an El Chupacabra from this location."

Zane jolted, his chair scraping on the floor. He'd completely forgotten about the captive tied to the bed in one of the spare rooms.

Skyld placed a palm on Zane's arm. "I have already checked on him. He's dozing away."

He breathed a sign of relief. "Yes, Alonzo and I captured one last night. The second one got away."

Saja held up her hand, stalling Zane's explanation. She brought out her cellphone and placed it against her ear. "There are two—"

"Three," Zane corrected, tipping his head toward Prince. "There were three. Prince beheaded the last one. Alonzo took care of the body. The second one got away. We suspect the assassin is their master and that is who the second one returned to."

Saja looked suitably impressed as she adjusted her report. Then her expression changed when she turned her attention to Cord. "The same assassin you didn't tell me about?"

The apple of Cord's cheeks turned bright red and he smoothed out his beard in what Zane recognized as a self-soothing motion. "The same," he mumbled before taking a large bite of banana. 

Table of Contents

Chapter One - Retirement
Chapter Two - Normal is not supposed to be this hard
Chapter Three - Caught
Chapter Four - Crimson Comet
Chapter Five - Mountain Magic
Chapter Six, Part 1 - Harbinger of a Nightmare
Chapter Six, Part 2 -
Chapter Seven, Part 1 - Stolen Answers
Chapter Seven, Part 2 -
Chapter Eight, Part 1 - No such thing as heroes
Chapter Eight, Part 2 -
Chapter Nine, Part 1 - Dead is supposed to be... dead
Chapter Nine, Part 2 -
Chapter Ten, Part 1 - Gathering Allies
Chapter Ten, Part 2
Chapter Eleven - Combustible
Chapter Twelve - Standing His Ground
Chapter Thirteen - Choices
Chapter Fourteen, Part 1
Chapter Fourteen, Part 2
Chapter Fifteen, Part 1 - To kill, or not to kill
Chapter Fifteen, Part 2
Chapter Sixteen - Maricoxi Guardians
Chapter Seventeen - Coincidence?
Chapter Eighteen, Part One - Guns Ablazin'
Chapter Eighteen, Part Two

Chapter Twenty - Mercy
Chapter Twenty-One
Chapter Twenty-Two, Part One
Chapter Twenty-Two, Part Two
Chapter Twenty-Two, Part Three

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Release Day! Caledonia Destiny: Blessed Bane #paranormal #gay #historical

Caledonia Destiny is different from other books that I've written. One, this is my first attempt at a historical, and two, as such the pros is as close to the era as I could get and still have it be good reading. That took a lot of effort and I ended up messing up the manuscript, then spending months attempting to fix it. During the process, I learned a lot about myself. The research side of me would like to try this again, the editing side of me, not so much. LOL!

Caledonia Destiny is about the slow demise of the wyrbears, an altered curse, and two star-crossed lovers. I hope you enjoy the story.

Title: Caledonia Destiny
Series: Blessed Bane
Cover Artist: Kirby Crow
Length: 354 pages

Genre: Gay / Romance / Paranormal / Historical / Alternate History / Alternate Word /

Buy Links: Amazon / Payhip / Universal Link (still waiting on some of the retailers) / 


A twist of fate changed both their destinies.

The wyrbears, once a long-lived species, were being lost to the forest in their prime. A people borne of a curse, their abilities not a gift but something wrongly taken, they nonetheless live in harmony with their animal spirits. But over time the curse they lived under changed, mutated, and now what once was a refuge from the world when they became too weary is culling mathan in their prime.

Ewen mhic Friscalach, the leader of his peoples, lost his father too early and is now a widower with four children. The vow he made as a youth to break the curse afflicting wyrbears has been buried by grief and responsibility.

Roi mhic Alric, a priest of Cerridwen and seer, watched his fellow priests slaughtered and his temple desecrated. The only thing that kept him going the last three horror-filled years was the vision Cerridwen had granted him of his emancipation. If freedom came at the cost of his life, well, he was more than ready for the Otherworld.

A fated meeting upon a bloody field of battle. A wrong done long ago. Their choices could save a people… or send them into extinction. Either way, their love will be legend.


From the corner of the room, Roi quietly watched Ewen interact with his men. The day’s happenstance freshened in his mind. Of a sudden, the cottage was too hot, the walls too close, the too loud voices of Ewen’s kin becoming the sound of a thousand ravens’ calls. All of it drove Roi from the room, out into the dark of night.

Cold rain pelted down upon him. Roi turned his face up to where he could feel the moon hid its light behind dark clouds and beseeched her to give him strength. The very essence of Roi’s soul seemed to be leaking from his eyes, mixing with the stinging, fat drops that fell from the sky. Roi’s head throbbed dully, his skin too tight, overstretched by his swollen and bruised visage. His arms and legs ached, his ribs tender to the touch, but none of it rivalled the pain that mauled his heart, stealing his breath.

He pressed his fingers to his closed eyelids, the warm tears he had no wish to shed spilling over the tips.

“Roi!” Ewen’s panicked cry cut through the night. Rough hands curled around his wrist and drew his hands away from his face, but Roi did not open his eyes.

Roi drew in a gasping breath. “Is this what one feels when they have a home, a people, someone they love? This be what I have yearned for with all that I am, and yet I find I be inadequately equipped for such bountiful gifts.”

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What's on the Reading Radar #wishlist #TBR

That have I been doing? Lots of last minute stuff for Caledonia Destiny and editing of Alpha Trine. I didn't get a chance to write on Assassin's Retirement, which I'm bummed about.

I opened my wish list folder and there was barely anything in there, but I had just enough to a post.

Title: Prince of Hell
Author(s): Temple Madison
Length: 96 pages
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (May 5, 2018)

Genre: Romance / Gay / Paranormal / 


Blurb: Divided between Heaven and Hell, by good and evil, and light and dark, a crossbreed named Dante was created in the depths of Hell to lead a pack of assassins in the ultimate destruction of Earth. For this purpose, Dante was given superhuman powers he can use while passing himself off as human.

Early in his mission, Dante meets an ally named Fate Ferguson. With the help of Fate, he learns about another Kingdom. A kingdom in direct contrast to the one that created him. Heaven.

With good and evil warring for his soul, the day soon comes when Dante has to make a choice. Can he overcome his birthright and use his powers for good? Or is the evil too strong for him to be anything but the Prince of Hell?

Title: Broken Oath
Series: Dark Fae Decree, 1
Author(s): Ilana Waters
Length: 182 pages

Genre: Urban Fantasy / Folklore / Psychics / LGBTIAQ Characters /


Blurb: I'm the new fae Judge? You've got to be kidding me.

I have enough problems in my life. I'm part unseelie. You know what that means? It means half of me is a decent, law-abiding fae. The other half is a front-page serial killer waiting to happen.

I'm a PI in New Orleans. It's the only job I can really handle. Be my own boss. Drink all I want. Live the dream. Then, one night, I'm confronted by a talking dagger from Netherwood--the realm of the fae. It tells me I'm the new Judge and that it's my duty to "render Final Judgement on those who break their Oaths." Why do we even need magical oaths in the first place?

Then I land a case. Seems straightforward. A witch on her honeymoon. Husband goes missing. He's probably with another woman, or dead. Either way, it's easy money.

Except it isn't. The clues are leading me in all different directions, most of which involve people wanting to kill me. Nothing about this case adds up, but one thing is clear:

Being the Judge doesn't mean I'm in control. It means I have a target on my back . . . one I may not survive.

Title: Blyd and Pearce
Author(s): Kim Fielding
Length: 226 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (July 24, 2018)

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Historical / Gay

Note: releases July 24th

Blurb: Born into poverty and orphaned young, Daveth Blyd had one chance for success when his fighting prowess earned him a place in the Tangye city guard—a place he lost to false accusations of theft. Now he scrapes out a living searching for wayward spouses and missing children. When a nobleman offers him a small fortune to find an entertainer who’s stolen a ring, Daveth takes the case.

While Jory Pearce may or may not be a thief, he certainly can’t be trusted. But, enchanted by Jory’s beauty and haunting voice, Daveth soon finds himself caught in the middle of a conspiracy. As he searches desperately for answers, he realizes that he’s also falling for Jory. The two men face river wraiths, assassins, a necromancer, and a talking head that could be Daveth’s salvation on their quest for the truth. But with everyone’s integrity in question and Death eager to dance, Daveth will need more than sorcery to survive.

Title: The Privilege of Peace
Series: Peacekeeper, 3
Author(s): Tanya Huff
Length: 348 pages
Publisher: DAW (June 19, 2018)

Genre: Science Fiction

Note: *cries* I hate that this series is coming to an end. It's one of my all time favorites. I wanna grow up to be Torin Kerr! <3 <3

Blurb: Former space marine Torin Kerr returns for one final adventure to save the Confederation in the last book in the military science fiction Peacekeeper trilogy.

Warden Torin Kerr has put her past behind her and built a life away from the war and everything that meant. From the good, from the bad. From the heroics, from the betrayal. She's created a place and purpose for others like her, a way to use their training for the good of the Confederation. She has friends, family, purpose.

Unfortunately, her past refuses to grant her the same absolution. Big Yellow, the ship form of the plastic aliens responsible for the war, returns. The Silsviss test the strength of the Confederation. Torin has to be Gunnery Sergeant Kerr once again and find a way to keep the peace.

Title: The Valkyrie's Princes
Author(s): Quinn Arthurs
Length: 207 pages

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Poly? / 


Blurb: In a world full of winged warriors, what difference can a wingless girl make? 

Surrounded by powerful Valkyries, Emberly's wingless status is viewed as a curse. She never expected to be more than a slave and a training subject for the warriors. A chance rescue by the Princes of Ardenia changes her life - but is it for the better?

Thrown into a world of politics, legends, and bigotry, Emberly must try to find a way to survive. With the help of the Princes-- Suneel, Jett, Blaine, Hunter, and Flynn--she begins to learn not only about life outside of the barracks, but about what it truly means to be loved.

Title: Stag and the Ash
Series: (The Rowan Harbor Cycle Book 5)
Author(s): Sam Burns
Length: 158 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Gay


Blurb: Jesse Hunter is finally trying to be an adult, but it still feels like an act. His place on the town council is a sham. He’s rarely called on to do anything. His boyfriend is grieving the loss of his mother, and while everyone seems to think he’s doing a great job caring for Sean, Jesse feels like he’s more of a distraction than a real help.

March is shaping up to be a bad month. First, random chance leads him to the realization that the town’s recent trouble is his fault. Then new werewolves come into town, and it turns out they’re also Jesse’s responsibility. He feels like he may be at his breaking point, and he doesn’t want to drag his friends and loved ones down with him. But how will he handle it alone?

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