Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: Keep The Stars Running

So while I was plugging away at Darksoul, the Honorable Mentions for the 2015 Rainbow Awards were being posted.Andrea Speed, Talya Andor, me (Lexi Ander)Leona Carver, and Cassandra Pierce contributed to the Keep the Stars Running anthology and one of the judges wrote a quick note about their enjoyment of the book, especially the story by Andrea. Whoot!

"Every time I read an Andrea Speed book I get sucked in. I read all the books in the anthology, they were all good." To see full post at Elisa's site go HERE.

It's getting close to the time that the winners will be announced. I wish good luck to all the participants!

Title: Keep The Stars Running
Publisher: Less Than Three Press: Available now for pre-order.
Release Date: May 13, 2015
Cover Artist: Aisha Akeju
Genre: Anthology/Gay/Sci-Fi
ISBN: 9781620045305
Word Count: 130,000

Contributing Authors: Andrea Speed, Cassandra Pierce, Leona Carver, Lexi Ander, Talya Andor

Available in both ebook and print

Links: Less Than Three Press | All Romance | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Bookstrand

Space is not always filled with adventures and glory. Not everybody goes racing off to battle evil and save the galaxy. Between the rebels, pirates, royals, and spies are the everyday people who work hard just to get by and ensure everyone gets home safe. Less Than Three Press presents a collection of tales about the ordinary folks who keep the stars running.

» The Prince and the Programmer by Cassandra Pierce
» The Aurora Conspiracy by Lexi Ander
» About a Bot by Andrea Speed
» Flight Risk by Talya Andor
» Survival by Leona Carver

Thank you for stopping by and reading!

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