Monday, June 1, 2015

Pretty in the Mailbox

This is a hectic week. I feel like I'm running around with my head cut off because I'm trying to finish a bunch of projects before I leave for vacation on Thursday. I'm working on fixing Ruby Red. I have a slew of interview forms and blog posts to write, otherwise Will find me and string me up by my toes. (Not really... maybe...) And I have to pack--which I will put off until the very last.

But amidst all of the hubbub I received some pretties by email. One of them is the cover for Surrounded by Crimson. A bright spot when I feel like I'm losing my mind. In thirty days, it will hit the shelves.

Publisher: Less Than Three Press:
Release Date: July 1, 2015
Cover Artist: London Burden
Genre: Fantasy/Gay/Paranormal/Poly/Urban Fantasy
ISBN: 9781620045749
Length: 48000

Available for Pre-Order at: Less Than Thee Press 


Tristan has agreed to bond with Ushna, but there is still much to do and returning to Tribe Enkidu puts everyone on edge. Tristan is being stalked like prey, all the while fighting depression as he mourns the loss of Nikita, and enduring a battle of wills with the Elder Council over his birthright. The pleading of his adoptive daughter only adds still more stress to the situation.

Stumbling onto a secret prison while searching for Ushna leads Tristan to risk everything to free a lost God. But breaking the tie to his Flame has more repercussions than Tristan knew and the assistance of a forgotten Goddess and a centuries old lover may not be enough to save him.

Thank you for stopping by and reading!!

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