Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Writing, writing, and writing

I had planned to assemble this month's blog posts and schedule them--but the guys suddenly started talking and they refused to take a "hold please".  So while I have a moment to get more java, I am putting this together quickly.

I have been working on I.O.N. #2, tentatively titled, Werewolf's Tale & A Druid Sword. I write with corresponding music in the background like my own personal sound track. I'm just giving a snippet and so I'll only use one of the songs I listened to for the emotional inspiration.  Enjoy!!

© 2013, Lexi Ander

Jude stood up, the sheet pooling at his feet, and crossed to Levi. The werewolf could have been bolted to the floor for all he moved. Halting in front of Levi, Jude looked up into those pools of green and inhaled. The scent of fresh pine filled his senses and his eyes grew heavy lidded.
"Have you been stalking me Le—Ulric?"
"I only wanted to see you. I couldn't get you out of my mind. Your face is the first thing—the only thing I remembered since I woke up to this existence. I recall nothing else but you and I wanted to know why."
Jude boldly took a step forward, coming within inches of touching the man. "And did you find your answers?" Jude asked in a low voice.
Levi swallowed visibly, his gaze dropped to Jude's lips. "No."
Jude took the clothes from Levi's arms and dropped them on a nearby cot.
"Do you know why I see you in my dreams?" The werewolf asked quietly, almost as if he feared the answer.
"Yes," Jude replied as he took the wolf's overly large hand and led him to one of the curtained examination spaces, enclosing them within.
"Why, Jude? Why do I see you every time I close my eyes?"
"Because," Jude whispered trailing his fingertips up the massive arms, across wide shoulders, over the collarbone, palms brushed at stubbled cheeks before Jude's fingers laced into the soft brown hair. It felt just as he'd remembered it. "You see my face when you close your eyes because you belong to me—heart, mind, body, and soul. No one else will have you. You're mine, all of you, and I will not allow you to leave me again. Do you hear me? I don't give two goddamns what happened before. From this moment forward, where you go I go. Don't think I won't track you to hell and back if you disappear on me again."
The werewolf's whole body trembled under Jude's hands. He gently tugged bringing that handsome face down closer to his.
"Did you hear what I said," Jude breathed across Levi's lips.
"I belong to you," Levi panted, his green eyes searching Jude's.
"Exactly," Jude replied against Levi's lips.
A soft whine escaped Levi and Jude took full advantage and invaded Levi's mouth. It wasn't the sweet sloppy kisses of the teenager he'd once been. No, he hadn't been that boy for a long time. He was a man who had waited far too long for the love of his life to come back to him. 

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